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Political Voice Overs: Rest Up, But Not For Long.
2022 Shaping Up As Another Big Political VO Year
November 14, 2020

By Carl Bishop
Voice Actor

The books are barely closed on this election year, but I'm already looking forward to 2022 mid-terms.

Too soon?

If you do political voice overs you know why I'm already looking ahead.

Let's look at the 2022 political VO forecast. But first, a look back at the election that was.


Looking back at 2020, the number that took my breath away is 14. $14 BILLION!! That's what was spent on political ads this past year.

My microphone is still warm from all the work I did voicing spots.

All 435 House seats and 35 Senate seats, plus the presidential contest, were decided in 2020.

Only a few of those politicians were in danger of loosing. However, big money was spent defending or attacking those candidates.

The big issues on Americans' minds were the COVID-19 Pandemic, followed by healthcare, the economy, racial unrest and abortion.

More money was spent this past election cycle than at any point in history "by a lot," according to The New York Times.


Who's running in 2022?

All 435 House seats are up for re-election again, plus a different group of 35 Senators.

Another reason the 2022 political VO forecast is looking bright? 26 additional Governors will be up for re-election or face term limits next cycle.

Also, a number of State Legislative races will be decided.

All this adds up to huge potential for voice actors to make money. House and Senate seats will be targeted if a Democrat is in the Oval Office; then historically the G.O.P. picks up seats in the House and Senate.

The new President will need to defend his House majority if he wants to get any legislation passed up to the Senate. The Senate majority, while still being decided as of this writing, will need to be either gained or maintained. That means lots of potential political voice over work, no matter if you voice for the Democrats or the Republicans.

Get ready to be busy again in about 18 months.


The 2020 election was held under extraordinary circumstances due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

A producer I worked with was projecting a bad year financially because of restrictions on set work. He needn't have worried. Just the other day he told me that 2020 was his best year ever!

With the promise of a vaccine in place by 2022, I'm hoping he - and I - do even better next election cycle.

See you in 18 months.
Carl Bishop is an actor and voice over talent who spends an almost unhealthy amount of time in front of a microphone from his studio in Manhattan's East Village. The world's top brands have hired him for their national campaigns, including Gillette, Comcast XFinity, Advair, Bayer, Head and Shoulders, and others. Carl is the voice of "Bandit" (a German Munitions expert) in the "Rainbow 6: Siege" video game. He has narrated TV shows and promos for The Weather Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery and PBS. He's voiced those funny commercials you see on SNL. Carl also does corporate narration and e-learning for Pepsi, HP, Cigna and the U.S. Army. And Carl was live announcer for the NBC Upfronts specials where he brought to the stage Joan Rivers, Andy Cohen, Nick Cannon, and a Kardashian or two. When the red light is off, Carl enjoys gardening and caring for his wise old cat, and his wise-acre husband.


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