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Voice Over Marketing Is Like Gardening
(Sort Of ): Plant And Nurture Relationships

May 1, 2015

By Judy Fossum

Voice Actor

We are well into spring, and for some that means getting ready for the gardening season.  Seeing something grow and thrive that youíve planted (be it flowers, veggies, trees or shrubs) and nurtured is rewarding and it really feels like youíve accomplished something.  

Iíll be the first to admit that Iím a beginner when it comes to vegetable gardening. Iíve had my share of flops, over-crowded seedlings, dried-up plants and less than impressive yields. 

ButÖIím learning and Iíll continue to try and Iíll continue to plant seeds.  

So what in the heck does gardening have to do with voice overs? In the recent VoiceOverXtra article, Career: Think Spring! Time To Plant New Seeds In Your Voiceover Brand Garden? by Christi Bowen, it has plenty!  


To add to this subject a bit, in gardening you plant seeds and nurture them by making sure they have plenty of water and sunshine, and then itís a matter of patience and waiting. 

In my gardening experience Iíve learned that some of the seeds germinate and some donít, and those that do germinate do so at different times. 

Some pop out of the soil in a few days (if youíre lucky), while others come up in a few weeks. Once theyíve come up, you still have to nurture and take care of the small, delicate plants so that they continue to grow and eventually bear fruit and veggies.


And so goes my analogy with voice overs. In marketing and letting people know who you are and what you do, itís wellÖmuch like gardening. 

Whether we initially make a call to a video production company, ad agency, e-Learning company or directly to a business (just to name a few), or send an email or even meet them face-to-face, this is "planting the seeds.Ē 

We then have to nurture those "marketing seedsĒ with a follow up call or email (sometimes multiple) and stay connected. 


Just like with plant seeds, Iíve found out that with "marketingĒ seeds they donít come up all at the same time, and some donít germinate at all (even after several follow-up calls and/or emails). 

Iíve had people contact me after just a few days of my initially contacting them. Sometimes itís not until after several weeks or a few months that I hear from folks. 

On the other end of the spectrum, I actually had someone email me after nearly two years from when I originally contacted them.  

A garden wonít grow unless you first plant the seeds. For voice over careers to grow and bear fruit (gigs/new clients/repeat clients), we have to continually plant and nurture our marketing seeds and to develop relationships. 
Judy Fossum, voice actor and owner of Judy Fossum VoiceOvers, has been behind the mic for nearly 25 years. Her voice over work includes radio and TV commercials, narrations, audio for websites and explainer videos, and message-on-hold/IVR. Based in the Rocky Mountain region, her studio is partially powered by wind, thanks to a residential SkyStream 3.7 wind turbine.  


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Comments (4)
Andi A
5/8/2015 at 7:06 PM
Love this, Judy Fossum!
Thanks for sharing.
Judy Fossum
5/4/2015 at 12:17 PM
Thank you, Ron and Liz. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the article and that it could help in some small way. Yes, patience and perseverance are certainly needed in the voiceover biz and something that I'm still (and always will be) trying to improve upon myself. Like so many have said that it's a marathon and not a sprint.
Ron Whittemore
5/2/2015 at 10:03 AM
Hi Judy...we met at VOICE enjoyed the article. Glad to know you're well!!
Liz Aiello
5/1/2015 at 5:50 PM
Thanks for the encouragement, Judy. It is true, and we all need the patience to see which seeds we sow will come to fruition.

Love the fact that you are using a wind turbine to generate your electricity. Very Cool!
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