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VoiceOverXtra Introduces Webinars ...
#1: Business Of Voice Overs, Nov. 19
Nov. 7, 2009
Educational webinars - a low-cost and convenient way to learn the tools and skills for success in voice-overs - are now offered by top industry professionals through VoiceOverXtra, the voice-over industry's 24/7 online news, education and resource center.
"These webinars are incredibly easy to attend and participate in, allowing online training and interaction between teacher and students, says John Florian, founder/webmaster at VoiceOverXtra. 

"And I'm honored to announce that our first webinar, The Business Of Voice Overs, will be taught by award-winning voice talent and trainer Bettye Zoller, on Thursday night, Nov. 19," he adds. 

Designed as a session for both newcomers and working pros, this first webinar is offered at an introductory tuition of $39.95 - which includes a free download of the recorded event.
Attendees will simply access the webinar by phone and/or computer. They'll have the opportunity to ask questions, and all questions will be answered.
The Nov. 19 webinar participants will learn how to get started and grow a successful voice-over career," says Zoller, an acclaimed and award-winning voice talent and trainer, and owner of the VoicesVoices educational and recording firm based in Dallas.
"At every level of the voice-over endeavor, people need instruction and information in some areas, and all people differ in which areas they need most," says Zoller.
"That's why this webinar is a potpourri of information to help people at every level of their voice-over career."
For instance, attendees will learn:
  • Today's business model for successful voice actors
  • Where the jobs are
  • How a newcomer gets started
  • How to build a successful career
  • The types of voice-over jobs today
  • Pitfalls to avoid to make a fair wage as both voice talent and audio engineer
  • What to put on your first demo
  • Today's streams of income for voice talents
  • How to make yourself known to agents and ad agencies
  • Resources for continuing your success
  • And much, much more!
For details and to register, please visit:
Or, contact John Florian at; 203-459-8834.


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