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Take These 5 Steps To 4th Quarter
Win In Your Voice Over Business
October 12, 2016

By Marc Scott
Voice Actor / Coach

The fourth quarter Ö the last opportunity to go for the win! Well, if youíre playing basketball or football, anyway.  

October, November, December mark the fourth quarter for 2016 in your voice over business. This is your opportunity to make all those goals and New Yearís Resolutions you made back in January a reality.  

Time may be running out, but itís still possible!  

About this time each year, I like to reflect on my goals for the year and assess how Iím doing. Keep in mind, Iím doing this throughout the year, but I really give the remaining unchecked goals a good once over.  

Why? To figure out what I need to do to make them happen.  
  • Am I doing the things I should be doing?  
  • Have I slacked in any area (or areas) that have caused me to fall behind on a goal?  
  • Can I change a strategy or tactic?  
  • Do I need a new plan altogether?  
  • Or, am I right where I want/need to be?  

Success in your life, and in your voice over business, wonít happen by accident. Itís the result of intentional actions taken daily, working toward a common purpose - your goals!  

Itís easy to look at the dwindling number of days and weeks left on your calendar and determine or declare defeat. Please donít! Youíre not defeated.

Do you have any idea how much you can accomplish in three months if you focus on the right things?  


Here are five steps you should take today to make your fourth quarter count!  

1. Goals Assessment

  • How are you doing?
  • What goals have you accomplished?
  • Which goals still remain?
  • Have any of your goals changed because your focus or your priorities have changed?
Take some time to assess where youíre at, and make sure your goals are still in alignment with what you want to achieve.  

2. Pick 3 Goals

From the list of goals youíve not yet accomplished, pick your top three. I donít want you to give up on your other goals, but donít overwhelm yourself if youíve got a long list remaining.

Determine the three that are most important to you and what you want to accomplish.  

3. Make A Plan

Break down each of the above three goals into bite-sized chunks. From those chunks, map out a plan.
  • What will you accomplish in a month?
  • What do you need to accomplish week to week?
  • What are you going to do each day to get there?  
4. Write It Down

Once youíve mapped it all out and you have a plan, write it down. Make the plan clear and concise.

This will give you something to review daily to keep you on track. When you know exactly what you need to do, you can prevent yourself from wasting time and effort on things that donít align with your goals.  

5. Visualize The Win

Take five minutes before you get started each day to visualize the win. This may sound like some kind of new age voodoo, but itís not.

Get still. Get quiet. Focus on exactly how youíre going to feel when you accomplish that goal. Let yourself feel it as if itís already done.

As you experience those feelings, head into your day with gratitude. Youíre now working toward your dreams with a plan and purpose. Thatís something to be grateful for!  

Each day, as you do exactly what you know you need to do, youíll feel yourself getting closer to accomplishing your goals.

And as you measure that progress daily, it will affect you. Youíll start to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Youíll see what had seemed unreachable coming within reach. Youíll get excited, and that will crank up your motivation.  

Itís the fourth quarter - time to go for the win!
Marc Scott has been involved in broadcasting and voice over since 1995, including work in radio and television, and hosting the number 1-rated Afternoon Drive show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. "When Iím not recording my latest voice over job you can likely find me at the fire hall: Iíve been a volunteer firefighter since 2000, or playing with power tools."


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