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Do You Fear Improv? That's Like Fearing
Fun - Start With This Easy Exercise ...

November 19, 2014

Note: The author led a recent VoiceOverXtra webinar, Improv for Voice Over, where she teaches VO improv and practice techniques. The recording is available here: Details.

By Rebecca Michaels Haugh
Voice Actor, VO Improv Trainer

Improv skills will improve your voice over auditions and job performances - and boost your confidence at the mic.

But many fear trying improv. Why? Mainly, and quite frankly, our fear of improvisation in a group comes from a fear of looking silly in front of others. It's something we just have to get over.

And here's a way to start: Tell stories to yourself in front of the mirror about any found object in the house.

Ready? Grab an object an take it to the mirror. (Assure privacy, if you need it.)

Position yourself with your object so that you can see yourself and the object reflected in the mirror.

Now make up a funny, silly or dark story about how that object came to be in your possession. Maybe tell a half true, half invented story - exaggerate to make it really enjoyable and fun for you! 

Don't judge yourself or your story or your abilities to tell it. Just do it! Whatever you say, whatever story you tell is EXCELLENT!

The most important thing is that you 'did it'.


Did you enjoy this exercise? Did you accept what you created?

I hope your answer is 'Yes, and I kind of felt silly but did it anyway' or simply 'YES!'

By the way: Most EVERYONE is - or was - afraid of doing improv. Those who weren't afraid when they started were either lying (!) or very lucky. 

Congratulations for taking your first baby step to voice over improv!

Next step: Improv for Voice Over! Click for details.
Rebecca Michaels Haugh, aka "Love That Rebecca," has been voicing professionally since 2001 and performed improv in Los Angeles dinner theaters in the mid 2000s.
She hails from California but lives some of the time in Italy, and currently voices a variety of English-speaking projects for companies in the U.S. as well as Australia, India, Germany and the Netherlands. Clients include Google Adwords, San Pellegrino, Coca Cola, Bayer, GE and many familiar brands. She also interviews voice over pros in her Love That VoiceOver Internet radio show (see link below), and conducts Improv VO workouts via Skype.

Love That VoiceOver Internet radio show:

Skype Improv Workout Schedule:

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Comments (2)
Rebecca aka LoveThatRebecca
11/24/2014 at 11:49 AM
Thanks so much for your comments Debbie! It's also a blast doing improv with YOU.... :)
Debbie Irwin
11/19/2014 at 6:05 PM
Working with RH is a blast! She's smart, funny, quick, talented and a terrific teacher.
I improv and improve any chance I get to work with her, and you should too.
Tell her I sent you- it'll do absolutely nothing for you! :-)

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