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Test Your Tongue With These Twisters
From Rodney Saulsberry's New Book

April 22, 2015

Note: The author's latest book, Tongue Twisters and Vocal Warm-Ups with Other Vocal Care Tips, can be purchased as an autographed book and also from Amazon.

By Rodney Saulsberry

Voice Talent and Coach

Do you want to become a better voice over actor, singer or public speaker?

My new book, Tongue Twisters and Vocal Warm-Ups, contains fun and challenging tongue twisters that prepare you to read commercial, promo, narration, trailer and animation copy with the proper energy and vocal dexterity.

Plus, it teaches you how to deal with mouth clicks and sibilance issues, how to breathe correctly, control plosive words, and proper microphone technique.

You also get great tips on everyday vocal care from other professionals as well as tips on how to succeed in the voice over industry.

Every profession that requires physicality requires proper exercise, warm-up, and preparation for the task at hand - and tongue twisters are the perfect warm-up for your voice.

Read all of the following tongue twisters at a good pace but remember that clarity and pronunciation are always most important.

Let's get warmed up with one of my popular YouTube Twisters!
Bipidy Bumpidy
Bipidy bumpidy ripidy rumpidy
Ripidy bumpidy boo
Bipidy bumpidy ripidy rumpidy
Let's make it harder to do
Bumzidy rumzidy dumzely clumzely
Hopefully soon we'll be through
With bipidy bumpidy ripidy rumpidy
Stop when your pink tongue turns blue

Tongue placement is very important. Here's a tailor-made tongue twister for you if the Th sound is a problem for you.

Repeat the following sentence three times in a row. (Remember, your tongue goes between your teeth.)
Thirty-three thumb throbbing thick throttle thinkers
thought the thirsty throttle thumper threw the throw.

Do you have to read some medical copy for your next session or audition? Warm up with these tongue twisters. Read with pace.
Bladder bladder gallbladder kidney liver lungs
Glands hands knees and mouth shoulders knuckles and tongue
Anti-vaccination too
Arterial duct
Anti-bacterial blue
Dehydration medication patella tendinitis
Metacarpals metatarsals brachial chronic bronchitis
Sacrum scapula sciatica
Sacrum scapula sciatica
Sacrum scapula sciatica

Perhaps you have trouble with blended sounds. Do you have any words with consonant combinations that are generally a challenge for you?

Here are some two- three- and four-letter blend tongue twisters that will help you articulate words that start with blended letters. If any of these consonant combinations is a problem for you, this is a great exercise. Read with pace.

Blistering Blizzards
Blended bloated blinded blight
Bless blink black and blue
Blended bloated blinded blight
Blistering blizzards blew by you
Blitz blast blob and bloke
Blessed blinked bladder and bloat
Blubber blunt blissfully blue
Blistering blizzards blew by you
Snoring Snails
Snore snail snap snoop
Sneak snuck snout snoot
Snarl sneer snipe snip
Sniff snuff snake snitch
Squabble Squealers
Squirrels squash squids
Squids squeeze squats
Squawkers squint and squeal
Squealers squabble and squat
A Twist Tweet
Twister twit twat
Twinkle tweet truck
Twist twine twin
Twice twenty twitch
The TR Sound
Trickle treat tread
Tractor trunk trinket
True troop triple
Trend train tread
Strictly Strong
Strictly structured stretch and stride
Straight strident strong with pride
Struggle strum strike and strung
Street streak stream and strong
Three Throw
Thrust Three Threw
Through Thrive Throat
Thrice Thread Throne
Threat Throw Thrash
Extravagant Expression
Extravagant extraordinary extraction
Expressive express expression
Excretion explicit explanation
Explode explosion explain
Lunch Crunch
Lunch punch hunch crunch
Couch ouch pouch crouch
Much such crutch touch
Stench trench wrench bench
Search church perch lurch
Starch march parch arch
Fetch catch watch match
Hatch patch swatch and latch

Do you have a sibilance problem? Using the proper technique and distance from the microphone, practice recording these sentences without sibilance problems during playback.
Silly Sibilance Sentences
Silly senseless sibilance sentences
Separate seagulls from southern semblances
Serious decisions several musicians
Sanctioned songs for soprano mistresses
Supersonic sensitive fences
Suppository savory succulent pittances
Sibilance sounding sibilance causing
Silly senseless Sibilance sentences

Have some fun with this little ditty.
Magill Magall Magoo

Ripple the rupple the riggity shuffle magill magallmagoo
Ripple the rupple the riggity shuffle bitty bang bittybop bitty boo
Tootaloo tootie tootie tootaloo tootie tootie
Bitty bang bitty bop bitty boo
Ripple the rupple the riggity shuffle magill magallMagoo
Rodney Saulsberry is one of the industry's most sought after voice over talents and voice over coaches. A two-time NAACP Image Award Nominee, he has given voice to many commercial campaigns that include Zatarain's, Toyota, Alpo, Twix, Colgate; and many movie trailers such as Red Tails, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Dumb & Dumberer, The Best Man, and Friday. As an announcer, he has worked on the NAACP Image Awards and The Essence Awards television specials. And he is the author of three books: You Can Bank on Your Voice, Step Up to the Mic, and Tongue Twisters and Vocal Warm-Ups.


Tongue Twisters and Vocal Warm-Ups

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Comments (8)
2/7/2023 at 10:35 PM
Rodney Saulsberry, thank you for your time, patience, and love for what you do. You are an inspiration to many! I am glad that I came across you and your work.
Wendy West
3/25/2019 at 5:56 PM
Loved this! Thanks for sharing. I'll purchase the copy on Amazon today
John Florian
3/10/2017 at 9:30 PM
Hi Garfield,

I'm sure that Rodney would appreciate hearing from you, and would provide the PDF if available. Contact him at the email address at the end of the article ... and good luck practicing!

Garfield Moodie
3/10/2017 at 5:23 PM
I purchased the audio book Tongue Twisters and Vocal warmups. but I did not get an accompanying pdf with the tongue twisters. Is it possible to get these tongue twisters?

I really like them and would like to practice with them.
7/24/2016 at 11:24 PM
You should have a PDF the goes along with your audio book
Mike Elmore
4/23/2015 at 7:11 AM
Rodney has been a great inspiration to me over the last decade (has it been that long?). Warming up is an essential part of my recording day….and now there is a trusty little handbook with which to do that from. He's always putting out valuable stuff
Sean Daeley
4/22/2015 at 7:39 PM
I love your tongue twisters, Rodney! (especially "Bibbidy bumpidy" and "Properly press the purple and black plaid pants you own." Will there be a Kindle version available in the near future? (I have a tiny apartment in Japan, so I try to have as few physical books as possible!) Thank you very much, and congratulations on the book!

Warmest Regards,
Elizabeth Holmes
4/22/2015 at 3:41 PM
Rodney -- Thank you SO much for these! They're fun and engaging. What a treat to have this wonderful preview of your book!
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