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Start Your Weeks On A High Note
With Debby Barnes' Sunday SideLines

September 28, 2014

Editor's note: When you've slogged through a tough week or dread what awaits on Monday morning, a little pep talk can do wonders. And for some time now, UK voice actor Debby Barnes has been cheering us on that way every Sunday with her Sunday SideLines posts on Google+ - graphics that link to uplifting messages. VoiceOverXtra asked Debby to share some of her inspirations - and to tell us what makes her so darn cheerful!

By Debby Barnes

Voice Actor
I guess it’s joie de vivre! It must have happened in high school.

Yep, I must have been gripped there with joie de vivre because the cheerleader inside of me will not be contained. She’s alive and well - and a bit uncontainable.

Even now, it appears she’s determined to hoot and holler from the SideLines of life. What else can I say except, Rah-Rah!

Not only was I a cheerleader in high school, but I was always an active part of the drama department, as well. Ha! I realize now that I might actually have been typecast as Nellie in the school’s musical South Pacific because they sensed I was a born cockeyed optimist. (And I thought it was my acting!)


All I know is that when I began my challenging voice over journey, I was really pleased to find a community with open arms; and one that celebrated and embraced diversity.

Time and again, I was honestly moved by the spirit of generosity I felt. Stuff like this affects the human heart. It certainly affected mine.

But it also ignited something in me. After I got my bearings as a voice over talent, I had to assess how I was going to get to know my colleagues personally and professionally. I wanted to communicate inside the VO community and bond with other talents in order to grow forward alongside them.

Many of those talents were seasoned, so I felt compelled to honor them and praise their accomplishments. I was gleaning so much from what they were graciously sharing that this was easy to do.


Cheering others seems to be knit-into me. It isn’t anything I plan. It just is. And I don’t really know why I’m inspired to cheer, I just do.

I think for me, cheering is medicinal. It’s good for the heart and it’s good for the bones. It’s also a win-win. I get to care out-loud, express my creative self, and hope others will benefit from it in some way or another.

I stand convinced that we improve each other. We’re only here for a short time so I believe we need to connect in a positive way wherever and whenever we have the opportunity to do so. In my humble opinion, there’s no time for negativity; it’s pointless and unfruitful.

But there’s always time to listen, learn, acknowledge and applaud. And when we’re deliberate about this, it gives each of us more confidence. It also helps us forge ahead with a greater sense of purpose.


Though I don’t have a wealth of industry experience to write about yet, the Sunday SideLines I offer every week keep me fired-up, focused and in-fellowship with every one outside of my four walls.

They’re meant to be uplifting, imaginative, revealing and communicative; and more importantly - optimistic and relational.

They’re my attempt at building relationships online - creating a virtual kinship with colleagues and potential clients.


So to all of you here there and every where:
And if you need me, you know where to find me. I’ll be on the SideLines cheering you on!  
Having experienced a personal epiphany of sorts, Debby transitioned out of the CCM Singer/Songwriter arena into voice overs with years of vocal education, experience and VO training. She landed IVR, promo and video narration work right out of the gates. Based in the UK, she remains hungry as ever tp serve clients' needs, and committed to staying current with the industry.


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Comments (2)
Earl Thomas
10/2/2014 at 12:50 PM
Thanks for ur cheers I cheer u on. Grateful for you it is discouraging want to move forward for more v/o.
Thanks Debby
Larry Wayne
9/28/2014 at 9:55 AM
Debby! Your smile is shining all the way over on the other side of the pond! Thank you for the positiveness in your is bodacious! There are too many things that can bring one down these days. Nice to know I will be in a better frame of mind after reading your postings! You go, girl!

Larry Wayne
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