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YouTube vs. Vimeo: Which Is Better 
For Finding Voice Over Client Leads?
By Nadia Marshall
Voice Actor, Vocalist & Marketing Lead Specialist
YouTube and Vimeo still remain the top social media platforms solely focused on video. 
While they have some similarities, they also have differences to know about that could help you gain leads to new voice over clients. 
Let's explore your opportunities with each platform.
Both YouTube and Vimeo have search filters you can use to search for video content. They are both rather extensive. 
On Vimeo, you can filter by:
  • Videos 
  • On Demand
  • People
  • Channel
  • Groups (keep reading for more about this)
  • Category
  • Date Uploaded
  • Vimeo Live
  • Duration
  • Price
On YouTube, you can filter by:
  • Upload Date
  • Video
  • Channel
  • Playlist
  • Duration
  • View Count
  • Rating
  • Live/4K/HD/Subtitles or CC/Location
Utilize either of these search filter options to help you find a production house, a documentary filmmaker, or a producer. 
Vimeo has a feature called Groups, which is quite similar to LinkedIn groups. With Groups, you can join the group (if you have a Vimeo account) and see the videos posted within the group as well as the members. You can sort the videos by:
  • Date uploaded
  • Alphabetical
  • Plays
  • Likes
  • Duration
When scanning through the members of the group, you can click on their profiles. 
You can then follow them (similar to subscribing to a channel on YouTube), and get notified whenever they upload a video.
I really enjoy this feature since it's another way to connect with a creative lead who utilizes video. Plus, it gives you an excuse to reconnect with them if they upload something. 
YouTube now offers:
  • Shorts (think of this as another version of TikTok or Reels)
  • Podcasts (yes, video versions of podcasts are now available)
  • Community (think of this as like Twitter/X or Threads)
  • and even a Store option!
With this variety of content, you can find (and interact) with your lead - even if you are watching that cute capybara video. (Oh, that's just me? Got it.)
Which platform is better for finding voice over client leads? I think it depends on what type of lead you are looking for. 
If you are looking for a lead that uses video type content - i.e. a producer, creative director, or filmmakers -  then maybe Vimeo is your best bet.
If you are looking for Animation, eLearning, Corporate Narration or Videogame leads, YouTube might be the better platform.
Some clients may only have a YouTube or a Vimeo account, so that certainly helps with the choice. 
But if you happen to be scrolling through Vimeo or YouTube, you now have a better idea of how to find your next lead. 
Happy Hunting!
Nadia Marshall is an award-winning voice over artist and soprano. She specializes in Commercial, Corporate, eLearning, Animation, and Videogame work and has been trusted by brands like Pandora Jewelry, Mercedez Benz, Google, Rayban, Nivea and Chase. Nadia is also the creator of an online course for voice actors called the Lead Generation Blueprint: The Ultimate Guide with Blueprint Courseware, and has spoken at the One Voice conference and presented webinars on how to optimize your lead generation strategy. Outside of the booth and off stage, she dances Argentine tango, trains at the gym, reads, and loves to cook vegetarian for friends and family. 


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