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Ping! Send Social Networking Updates
To All Your Sites - With Just One Click
By Linda Ristig
Voice Actor
Are you spending oodles of time checking and creating your individual status updates for Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo, AIM, and a multitude of other assorted and sundry networking accounts?
Are you suffering from glazed-over eyes, making you feel perplexed and frustrated with yourself at the end of the day, while you continue to stay up-to-date with all your accounts?
It’s really a modern day, social networking, time-sucking pit in which many of us find ourselves.
Want a simpler solution for quickly posting in one spot so that all the accounts can be updated from just one account, all at the same time?
Just a few short months ago, I learned about a free web site,, thanks to my VO networking guru buddy, Trish Basanyi.
Because she found the site highly useful, she recommended it to me! She cautioned about the site being a bit tricky, yet reassured that if I would persevere, it would really help out in the long run.
This site was designed to link together and send status updates to all the above-mentioned sites and more, with one click of the mouse.
In fact, the tag lines for the site are, “ is a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap! We post your messages wherever you want.”
Doesn’t that sound like a huge help to the wasted time dilemma? Following is how it works.
In my case, I already had made several social networking accounts.
1. Go to
2. SIGN UP with an email and password, creating a PROFILE.
3. You’ll get a “Welcome! Get started by adding your social networks.” This is where it starts to get tricky.
4. A list of networking sites will appear.
5. Let’s choose Facebook, as an example. Click on ADD NETWORK.
6. You’ll be automatically sent to the SETTINGS page. At this point it will explain how to log onto your own FB account by clicking the icon at the bottom the page. You may even need to log onto your FB account, so have your site’s user name and password ready!
7. Once you are on your own FB account, you’ll be directed to add the Ping app. Then you’re almost done.
8. With some apps, you actually add a long verification code that will generate. Cut and paste it into the site - such as FB - that you want to connect with Ping.
9. Test the SEND MESSAGE on Ping by checking your messages on the receiving site.
10. Keep telling yourself, “It will be worth it!”
Some helpful tips I recommend are to take it slowly, adding only one social network site every day or so.
Whenever I reached an “I’m stuck!” mentality, I’d head for the kitchen. First I’d make a cup of tea, take a deep breath, then return to my laptop.
I utilized the four sections located at the bottom and left side of the Ping home page: FEEDBACK, GET SATISFACTION, POSTING TIPS and CONTACT.
Play with the site and try not to get discouraged. Be patient with yourself!
The next time you log onto Ping, you’ll find yourself on the DASHBOARD page.
I suggest you connect your Ping account to an IM (Instant Messaging) service like AIM. I limit myself to 140 characters, so the text will fit into my Twitter updates. That’s the way I post!
Although this process will take some time to set up initially, being able to send your status updates more efficiently truly saves time in the long run.
You may start to wonder what you should do with the extra time you’ll be saving! Happy posting!
Linda Ristig is a freelance voice talent for The Fairfax (VA) Public Access television and radio station,, and a contributor to The Metropolitan Washington Ear. She is also a full-time voice talent with an on-site studio in the Washington, D.C. area. A juried artisan, designer and creator of handcrafted beaded jewelry, she was recently interviewed on the television program, Fashion Notes.
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