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How To Get Out Of Your 
Head And Into Your Heart

By Moneen Daley
Voice Actor & Coach

The number one challenge that voice over talent, live performers and public speakers all struggle with is the tidal wave of thoughts when they're about to rehearse and perform.

For years, on a daily basis, I'm asked:
"How do I get out of my head?"
The equally important questions may be:
"How do I USE my head, and where should it take me?"
And so, my intrepid VO friends, I humbly present: How to get out of our head, and into your heart.


We should always be working to craft an unshakable skill set.

However, if your feet are not yet firmly planted into the soil of unshakable, please read on and take note.

Remember: voice over alchemy begins with two pure and simple ingredients:
  • your thoughts, and
  • air
We do breathing exercises and warm-ups (hopefully on a daily basis) to keep strong and powerful lungs - that's the air part.

Here's the brain part ...

1. Raise your physical and mental vibration!

Spend a few minutes emptying your body and mind of useless tension and stress. The monotony of day-to-day life can really put a damper on the imaginal life.

Take time to elevate yourself. Be like a puppy, vigorously shaking off the rain after a wet walk. Shake your tailbone, loosen up your hips, neck and arms.

Vocalize your shake! It can be a bark, a growl, a yelp - whatever needs to come out, allow it.

Pro tip: Admit what you feel. Don't judge or chastise yourself. Find gratitude to lead you forward.

2. Create a compelling relationship!

If you don't already have a script prep process, consider including the creation of a specific relationship: relate to one specific person you are talking to.
  • Why do you care deeply about this person?
  • Why is it important to pass this message along?
Pro tip: When you speak the name of someone you love, your hormones, endorphins and bio chemistry changes. Consider these strong choices when creating a relationship.

3. Use a psychological gesture!

In film and theater, sometimes you'll hear this referred to as "doing a piece of business."

That phrase seems outdated and without purpose. When you choose and engage in a meaningful psychological gesture you are reinforcing what you think and feel by taking an action. Action always gets us out of our head, and often into our hearts.

Pro tip: Every notice how when news is tender, shocking, loving, amusing, we often put our hand to our heart or our cheek? It's natural gestures like these that open up blocked feelings or allow deeper feelings to emerge.

Other psychological gestures may be waving, pointing, hugging yourself, touching yourself, making a fist, punching the air, or assuming a superhero stance. Honestly, there is no right or wrong - only weak or strong.

Make the strongest personal choices each and every time you step up to the mic, and you'll never regret it!
Moneen Daley of MoVibe Productions is a passionate and life-long storyteller. From radio and stand up to voice over and acting, client and colleagues note that compelling content is her vibe! Moneen records and coaches from her Seacoast NH studio featuring a Neumann U87 mic. She adores talent of all levels and finds it a complete pleasure to share her decades of experience, unique education and personal philosophy with private clients. Moneen is a proud Brand Ambassador and Graduate of The Todoroff Conservatory in NYC. She has also studied business with Fabienne Fredrickson and graduated Wisdom School with Cynthia Bourgeault.

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Comments (1)
Sharon D
10/6/2023 at 5:43 PM
Moneen knows of what she speaks, and all of us who know her are so much better for it. Great article, Mo! ~ Sharon D.
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