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Is Your Website Really Bringing You
Business? How To Check & Fix It ...
 May 13, 2010
The voice-over field is too competitive for you to be handicapped by a website that isn't helping you attract more auditions and assignments, says media marketing guru Dan O'Day.
"Unless you plan to scamble for every VO dollar that's spent on the cheapest voice available, you need a website that's a vital part of your marketing plan," he says.
O'Day's new Websites For Voice Actors - a 2.5-hour mp3 audio recording and Study Guide - can help identify what isn't working on your current website, and how to fix it.
O'Day notes that the audio's info is "100% non-technical," focusing instead on effective marketing.
For details and to order now, visit:
Specifically, it teaches:
  • What your site needs to attract "organic" search engine rankings (meaning you don't pay for it), and
  • What to do to convert more of your web visitors into paying clients.
Whether your current web site was created by you, a friend, or someone else, this audio will help you understand what will really work, says O'Day.
"A professional, very artistic web designer (may have) created a fancy site that looks great," O'Day notes. "It's good for your ego, but for some reason you're not getting much traffic, and little if any business from your website."
In this case, O'Day identifies five ways the "artistic" web design is driving away potential clients.
For details and to order now, visit:
The seminar is a recording of a teleseminar recently given by O'Day. Attendees wrote:
"Very valuable information, presented in a way that allowed me to easily understand what you were saying - instead of being inundated, and eventually turned off, by technical jargon." - Debbie Grattan
"I've been struggling with all those 'little things' that didn't feel quite right, but that I had nowhere to go with. You brought them into focus." - Norman Ellis-Flint
"Great seminar!" - Melissa Excelberth
"Well worth the time and money. I've been talking about re-doing my site for six months ... now I am glad that I procrastinated. You had a ton of ideas and suggestions." - Toni Mason
The audio seminar and study guide are available now, as instant downloads, for $99.
For details and to order now, visit:
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Comments (2)
5/16/2010 at 1:31 PM
I'd like to know more!
Marcus Weems
5/13/2010 at 2:30 PM
Dan's course was GREAT! (But then they always are - aren't they?) There was a quantity of good & sound advice & information that was pretty easy to follow & understand even for a non-techy.

It also propelled me to FINALLY get off my duff & get out there and put my site up. (I refuse to confess how many years I wasted.) I think he taught me pretty well. You be the judge. After you've had a gander I'd appreciate your comments, suggestions, and complaints. Find me at: http://www.MarcusWeemsVoiceOvers.Com
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