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For Voice Over Scripts, The Storyboard Layout
Is Not Your Friend. Beware Confusing Ellipses
May 31, 2017

By Hugh Klitzke
Casting Director and Coach

Direction: Warm, inviting, mellow tone.  Inspirational but not over the top.  

VO: "All across the country, from sea… to shining sea, we're switching… on a new year."  

VO: "There are lights, there are fireworks… and the future   ... looks bright."  

It's not uncommon for a voice over script to be formatted as poorly as the example above.

It looks like very short phrases, laid out almost at random. Why? It's text copied directly from a storyboard. 

The shots are laid out in separate panels (like a cartoon) and as the shot changes, an ellipsis divides the sentence into pieces. 

This indicates that the voice over continues to the next frame, not necessarily that there should be a pause in the read.      

It's something you need to take into account. Remember, when you audition, you are sending audio to indicate your interpretation of the script and the spec.  Not the line format. 

Layout is not your friend.
Hugh P. Klitzke is studio manager and voice casting director for a leading bi-coastal talent agency, who in more than a decade has directed over 115,000 auditions for all voice over genres. Based in New York City, he is also a coach specializing in teaching voice over for actors, and blogs at, a twice-weekly blog with helpful voice acting tips.  



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Comments (1)
Mark Driscoll
6/2/2017 at 12:52 AM
Thanks! Liked this article a lot!!
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