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Joe Cipriano Receives Don LaFontaine Legacy
Award For 'Talent ... Passion For Giving Back ...'
June 11, 2011
Joe Cipriano, the premier voice talent heard daily worldwide and a passionate advocate for the voice-over industry, has been chosen to receive the 2nd Annual Don LaFontaine Legacy Award, to be presented on June 24 by PromaxBDA and Brief Magazine.
Created collectively by PromaxBDA, Rudy Gaskins and Anita LaFontaine to honor the name, memory and defining legacy of one of the world's most famous voices, the Don LaFontaine Legacy Award recognizes a voice of impact as determined by a specialized industry committee.
Cipriano "embodies much of Don's defining legacy," say the award sponsors, who chose Cipriano using the criteria of "character, longevity, talent, professionalism and the passion for giving back."
In more than 20 years as a voice talent, Cipriano has worked on the air for the NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS Television and Radio networks, and been the live announcer at high profile events including the Grammy Awards and the Primetime Emmy Awards.
He is the co-founder of the newly launched Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab at the SAG Foundation Actors Center. The Lab and all of its programs, dedicated to educating and inspiring young up and coming voice over talent, will be offered free to the public.
Cipriano will accept the Award at the 2010 PromaxBDA Promotions and Marketing Awards, scheduled for the final night of the three day PromaxBDA Conference.
For more about Cipriano, visit his website:

The Don LaFontaine Legacy Award was introduced for the first time at the 2009 Promax Marketing & Promotion Awards celebration as part of the 54th annual PromaxBDA Conference.
Don LaFontaine, whose immediately recognizable voice was featured on more than 5,000 promos and trailers over a period of more than 30 years, passed away Sept. 1, 2008.
The PromaxBDA Awards competition is dedicated to celebrating excellence in marketing, design and creative content in the entertainment industry.
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Comments (1)
6/13/2010 at 1:49 AM
Greetings. Once again, great article. It is so wonderful that such a legendary Man, such as Don, can be remembered in the excellence of voiceover, through up and coming voice greats in the Industry. He has left us all as voice talents, an incredible responsibility to be accountable to our craft.
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