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Blue Genie Voice Acting Scholarship:
Tools, Training, Hardware - Apply Now!

February 4, 2017

(VOXtra) - Will the inspiration of Robin Williams lift and guide you into a successful voice over career? Think of Robin's character in Aladdin and your wish may come true.

The Blue Genie Voice Acting Scholarship debuts this year, designed to award one person the tools, training and hardware to launch a career.

This year's winner will receive approximately $9,000 in such assistance.

"It's about helping someone to pursue their voice acting dream who otherwise might not be able to, and is aimed at those with zero voice acting experience and those who are just starting out," explains UK-based voice actor Jay Britton, who organized and is administering the scholarship.

Applications are open through March 31.

"There are no qualifications required to apply, and the application consists of a form that covers the applicant's motivation for voice over and experience to date, plus a recording section to assess their raw talent," Britton adds.

From the initial applications, a short list of three will be chosen for a final interview with Britton. The winner will be announced in July.

To be eligible to apply, the applicant must be:
  • aged 18 or over,
  • a legal resident of either the US, UK or Canada, and
  • not currently be a full-time voice actor.
Union members are eligible, but check the website for the full list of eligibility requirements and rules.


"The scholarship also serves to honor the memory of the dearly departed Robin Williams and is named after his character from Aladdin," explains Britton (pictured).
"When I started my journey into voice acting, I was fortunate to work with, and be supported by, so many people. This is my way of giving back to this wonderful industry."  

Britton adds that the scholarship operates as a non-profit entity, which puts all funds generated into the scholarship package.

"It is hoped that as this scholarship grows, it may in future be able to award multiple, varying packages to help as many people as possible follow their dreams."

For details and to apply, please click here or visit:


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Comments (1)
Dominique Dela Cruz
6/20/2018 at 11:12 PM
Voice acting has been my dream since 5 and a half years. I always practice during my alone time and sometimes I would play around with my voice to test if I can control it. I like control but I am dedicated to improve to be a better voice actor and fulfill my dream of becoming one as well. Reading about this article makes me want to be a full pledged voice actor, ever since I heard Robin Williams and I've seen him
In action he has a lot of voices and I get so envious about it. I get really excited and start practicing without noticing it. I get really jealous how people can do their job of being a voice actor. I can't wait to become one in the future.
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