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World-Voices 'Certifying Guild' Launches
Membership Drive - First Aim: SAVOA

October 5, 2012

(VOXtra) - Describing itself as "Voice Over's New Certifying Guild," World-Voices Organization has begun a membership drive and soon will launch a certification program for voice talents with home studios and other areas of voice over, the Executive Board has announced.

Also on tap: a mentoring program and "many other exciting benefits."

Though the membership drive is initially aimed at current and former members of SAVOA (Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists), all voice actors are invited to join. A $25 application fee, which covers the vetting process, is being waved for a limited time for SAVOA members and former members.

Many of World-Voices' board members bailed out of SAVOA last spring in a dispute over leadership and SAVOA's direction.

"Our organization is all about inclusion," writes board member Dave Courvoisier in a recent message.

World-Voices also recently published a series of best practices guides for voice talent, producers and trainers (see VoiceOverXtra articles by clicking above).

For details about membership and other programs, please visit the World-Voices website at

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Comments (4)
Matt Cowlrick
10/9/2012 at 1:43 PM
Hey Jay,

It looks like is already taken - available 3 letter URL names are pretty rare these days...

Congrats, WOVO team! Look forward to hearing more from you.
BP Smyth, Narrator
10/6/2012 at 7:26 PM
I sent an application to SAVOA over a month ago for the certification process to begin. Thought having such would be a plus.
Well, I haven't heard from them at all. I guess they are "full". :)
Are you folks recognized by the VO industry as a credible certification group like SAVOA has been? If so, I'd like to apply.

Here is my email address:

J. Christopher Dunn
10/6/2012 at 6:33 PM
Good to read that this new organization is moving forward with applications. While I was not a member of SAVOA, I look forward to being a part of

Congratulations on this next big step!
10/6/2012 at 12:35 AM
Let me first applaud the leadership and organizers of this new organization; the leaders are solid and it appears they will apply themselves to accomplish more than SAVOA did.

Secondly, shouldn't an organization called "World Voices Organization" have a website labeled of Who the devil is going to remember to insert the - and add the extension ".org"? Website addresses are the bane of existence. C' has to be

Also, the $25 "application fee" seems high for a brand-new, baby organization. How about $15?? And, BRAVO for this group of industry guys/gals who are brave enough to even do this!! Hats off! Let's do it!
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