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Here's How ChatGPT And Other AI Tools
Can Help Grow Your Voice Over Business

By Tom Jordan
Voice Actor
In Part 1 of this two-part series on AI, we discussed the potential impact of AI on our livelihoods as voice actors, and emphasized the importance of embracing AI rather than fearing it.

I argued that understanding AI's strengths and weaknesses can help us leverage our unique human talents, ensuring that AI remains a tool rather than a threat to our careers.

Here in Part 2, I'm going to provide some ways you can use AI to help you in your voice over business's marketing plans.

And, because there is SO much information and so many examples I want to provide, I've created a separate AI Cheat Sheet that will provide examples to each of the marketing components listed below.

Although the list of standalone and integrated AI tools continues to grow at a dizzying pace, I will concentrate mostly on ChatGPT, which can be accessed easily by going to the Open AI website and signing up for it.

For those unfamiliar with ChatGPT, it is a large language model chatbot developed by OpenAI that can communicate and generate human-like text in response to a wide range of prompts and questions.

Let's give ChatGPT a spin.


Let's explore some ways ChatGPT can help you with the business side of voice over (I provide detailed prompts for each of these on my AI Cheat Sheet):

1. Content Creation: Generate engaging content for your website, blog, or social media profiles, highlighting your services, recent projects, industry insights, or client testimonials.

2. Branding: Help you brainstorm and develop (or modify) a unique brand identity, including a brand name, tagline, and mission statement that effectively communicates your value proposition.

3. Marketing Strategy: Provide guidance on developing a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to your target audience, including goals, objectives, tactics, and measurement methods.

4. Press Releases: Draft press releases to announce new projects, collaborations, or achievements, amplifying your visibility within the industry and attracting potential clients.

5. Email Marketing: Help you create personalized email templates for various purposes, such as reaching out to potential clients, following up on inquiries, or sharing news and updates with your subscribers.

6. Social Media: Assist in planning and creating social media content that engages your audience, showcases your work, and drives traffic to your website or portfolio.

7. SEO: Provide tips and best practices for optimizing your website content and structure to improve your search engine rankings and visibility.

8. Advertising Copy: Craft compelling ad copy for use in online advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads or social media channels.

9. Networking: Offer advice on how to effectively network within the voice over industry, including tips for building relationships with potential clients, industry professionals, and other voice actors.

10. Collaboration Ideas: Suggest potential collaboration opportunities with other creatives, such as podcasters, video producers, or animation studios, to increase your visibility and reach a broader audience.


Let's take a look at #1 - Content Creation - with an example of how AI can help write your bio or the "About Me" portion of your website.

Here's my prompt to ChatGPT:
My name is John Smith. Act as a professional marketing writer and provide a short paragraph of web copy for the "About Me" (bio) section of a voice over website where my voice is described as warm, smooth, and sophisticated. I have 20 years of VO experience, won a prestigious audiobook narration award, and am a member of several VO organizations. I have recorded numerous radio and TV voice overs as well as hundreds of corporate narration, E-learning, and promotional narrations.
And here's the bio that ChatGPT generated:
John Smith is a seasoned voice over professional with over 20 years of experience delivering compelling performances to audiences around the world. Known for his warm, smooth, and sophisticated voice, John has dedicated his career to perfecting his craft and has garnered numerous accolades along the way - including a prestigious audiobook narration award. As a proud member of various industry organizations, he continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in VO recording every day. With an impressive portfolio that includes radio and TV voice overs as well as corporate narrations and e-learning modules, John has proven time and again that he is one of the best in the business when it comes to engaging listeners through the power of voice acting.

In addition to using ChatGPT, the paid version of Canva now includes a variety of AI tools to help you generate images for your website and marketing campaigns.

Once you have set up an OpenAI account, you can get API keys to allow you to use the power of ChatGPT right inside of Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Writing copy for your website and ad campaigns can be daunting. In addition to ChatGPT, there are AI tools built specifically to assist in this task. You can find a comprehensive list of those tools here.

The myriad of ways AI is being integrated grows daily, so a good way to keep up to date on AI developments and opportunities is to subscribe to newsletters like The AI Exchange and Everyday AI. Both are excellent sources for keeping up with the latest AI trends.

And for a great list of AI tools, check out FUTUREPEDIA.


I hope this article and the linked cheat sheet will empower you to take AI by the reins and use it to enhance your VO business.

As I stated in Part 1, the best ways to keep our jobs as voice actors as the AI threat looms  is to learn what AI can do, what it can't do, and to embrace the technology to the extent you can. This way you won't be blindsided when AI comes knocking.

Let's all do this by building excellent businesses and by leveraging the power of AI against itself. Let the battle begin.
Tom Jordan is an acclaimed audiobook narrator and Audible Approved Producer, who embarked on his professional voice acting journey in 1994. With a diverse portfolio, Tom has catered to hundreds of clients across various voice over genres, including commercials and e-learning. In 2017, he pivoted his focus toward audiobook narration, discovering his true passion in this artistically gratifying field. His exceptional performance in narrating Gutter Medicine: Twenty-six Years as a Firefighter Paramedic by Roger Huder earned him the prestigious 2019 Independent Audiobook Award. Additionally, Tom has been a finalist for several other accolades. A sought-after speaker, Tom has shared his expertise at VO Atlanta and writers' conferences, guiding authors on transforming their written works into captivating audiobooks.

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Comments (4)
7/20/2023 at 1:50 PM
I fully agree. Moreover i found a website with FREE AI tools that cover like 4-5 points from this list gathered in one place So deffinetely check this out
Debbie Irwin
4/25/2023 at 4:33 PM
This is a fantastic resource. Thank you!
Dusty Baker
4/22/2023 at 11:02 AM
30+ year broadcaster, now retired.

Folks in broadcasting share some of the same fears VO talent. I read them quite often.

I came from the vinyl -to- air world of radio. Spinning real records on massive turntables.

Then came recording the disks to a cartridge.. Cart-to-air. Less fingerprints and pizza grease on the records and no cue burn.

Next was digital cartridge/cassettes. Short lived, thankfully.

Compact Discs then CD players, multi disc players.

Then hard drives and live assist automation. Local Area Networks combining the whole operation and servers for one or many stations. And voice tracking. And satellite fed programming.

The survivors of all this were able to adapt. Learned the systems. Embraced the technology. Yes, some fell by the wayside - attrition has always been part of our business.

So now, A. I. Just as scary as the steps above. But it doesn't have to be because there will always be human participation at all levels.

My opinion on A. I., after lots of reading.

Embrace A. I.
A. I. won't replace you.
But the guy using A. I. will .

It's like progress, automation and digital - unstoppable. So be the best at using it as a part of your toolbox.

Winning is not just striving to be better than your competition. Winning is being the very best you can be!

Embrace A. I.

Dusty Baker
Roxanne Coyne
4/19/2023 at 3:22 PM
This was valuable information, Tom! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
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