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Today's Voiceover Sermon:
'Keep Your Voiceover Clients For Life'
February 20, 2019

(VOXtra) - You don't need a Sunday to hear a sermon. Especially when the voice of experience at the altar is Terry Daniel.

The voice-over biz knows Terry as the ever-energetic voice actor and coach who co-founded the ongoing Voice Over Cafe podcast series and a round of rollicking annual holiday parties for voice actors in New York City (we miss 'em!).

And now a congregation is growing for bi-monthly Voiceover Sermons, heard at the podcast's website, and also on iTunes, Spotify and IHeart Radio.

"I wanted to come up with a series of podcast episodes that were both entertaining and candid," Terry says.

"New talents are getting steered in all kinds of different directions these days - and at times, they are getting bad and outdated advice on the internet and in some social media groups."


"Nearly every subject matter is covered" in these podcasts, explains Terry (pictured). And collectively, they've already received well over 24,000 plays and downloads.

Jan Anderson, a seasoned voice-over veteran also chimes in with candid observations on every episode in segments called The Sermon Sidenote.

A voice actor 20 years with numerous brand name clients, Terry also coaches voice talent as head of Universal Voice Talent Coaching, which is also staffed by experienced VO pros Tish Basanyi, Jan Anderson and Rob Marley.

The next sermon will be delivered on Thursday, February 28 at 8 am Central. Sit back and tune in at And check that site any time for past episodes.

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