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Networking Is ‘Fantastic' For Biz 
& Brings 6,000 More Web Hits!
July 7, 2008
By John Florian
Agents will help, but drumming up voice-over business is mostly YOUR job. Period.
And voice actor Mandy Nelson can add an exclamation point to that advice with recent results from her extensive networking.
“It’s been fantastic for business and caused hits to my site to increase by more than six thousand!” says Mandy, who with audio engineer husband Dan operates Dandysound in the Boston, Mass area.
Mandy is referring specifically to a June 29 feature about her in the Boston Globe’s Sunday Magazine, which was also published online at “It was surprisingly huge, with a glossy photo that was shocking, but fun,” she says about the article.
Yet it took a year to lay the groundwork.
“Due to lots of networking – something I’ve been working on diligently for about a year now – I’ve met some of the right people,” she says, and that’s what led to the Boston Globe feature.
“The networking I’ve been doing involves joining online sites and groups that have people like me – mainly working moms,” she explains.
“I’ve gotten lots of work from other moms whose businesses need my service. I’ve also been attending lots of local networking events from area groups like a local Chamber of Commerce subgroup that sponsors all sorts of networking events for young professionals,” she adds.
“I hand out tons of business cards and answer all sorts of questions. I ask lots of questions, too.
The Globe’s “First Person” article stemmed from a contact Mandy made at, a web site for – you guessed it – working moms.
Titled “Smooth Operator,” the online version features Mandy’s photo and a Q&A session that asks about her voice, being a mom working from home, clients, and voice-over challenges. Including:
Q: What’s the oddest assignment you’ve ever taken?
A: I get called on to talk really fast, and that can be weird. Like the time I had to talk fast and be perky for a funeral home.
Mandy and Dan met at Emerson College – which specializes in communications - in Boston in 1995. They opened a recording studio, married, and now serve a variety of regional and national clients including Travelocity, Sony and Cox Communications.
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