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Are Voice Over Clients Giving You Confusing
Directions When You Read? Say 'Thank You'

By Paul Strikwerda
Voice Actor, Coach & Author

Clients say the darndest things:

"I want you to sound stern but relatable."
"Can you be friendly, yet authoritative?"
"You need to come across as decisive, but not too confident."
"You have to SELL it, without being too salesy."
"I'll give you four seconds for the tag line, but don't rush it."

If you've been around the block as a voice talent, I'm sure you can relate to these confusing instructions. They usually come from people in power positions who have no clue how the sausage is made.


Yet before you throw a hissy fit and set the client straight, remember who is writing your check. You may be the voice over expert in the room, but it's unwise to bite the hand that feeds you.

If you want return business (and who doesn't?) you need to be open to any suggestion, no matter how ridiculous it may sound.

In fact, I always tell new clients at the beginning of our first session that they can tell me ANYTHING. And then I add: "I have a very thick skin." This usually breaks the ice, and it creates a relaxed atmosphere.

We sometimes forget that clients can be apprehensive, too. They're unsure what to tell the talent, and they don't want to come across as a total nitwit.

So, whatever clients throw at me, I will VALIDATE. Even if it doesn't make sense.

I'll tell them: "That's actually a very helpful suggestion. Thank you."


Why do I do that?

If you validate their instructions it makes the client feel good about him- or herself, and makes them feel good about you. And when they feel good about you, they're more likely to accept your interpretation of their script.

Simply put, validation creates a positive connection and removes resistance.

Of course, you won't always fully understand what they're trying to tell you.

Language can be ambiguous. Under normal circumstances people don't always communicate clearly.

But even if you have no clue what the client wants you to do, PRETEND that you do. Acting is pretending anyway, so you're only doing your job.

Ultimately, most clients want to have options, and you have to give them something to choose from. Of course they're not going to accept your very first take. That would mean that YOU are in charge. Clients need to demonstrate that THEY run the show, so, LET THEM!


When I was just getting started in voice overs, I was too eager to please, and I sounded overly friendly ALL the time.

Secretly, I really wanted to be liked.

One client wouldn't have any of it. He thought I sounded too lame and tame, and told me:

"For Pete's sake, Paul. Put a big, spicy poblano pepper up your ass, and read those lines again!"

Oddly enough, I knew exactly what he meant, and it had the desired effect. Luckily, I have a very thick skin!  
Paul Strikwerda is a 25+-year veteran of the voice over industry whose Nethervoice service features German and Dutch voice overs, translation and evaluation services. Born in Holland, he has worked for Dutch national and international radio, the BBC and American Public Radio. Although 90% of his work is in English, Strikwerda also records in Dutch, German and French. Clients include Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, and the Discovery Channel. He is also a voice over coach, author of the book, Making MONEY In Your PJs: Freelancing for voice-overs and other solopreneurs, and writes an informative and entertaining blog.


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Comments (1)
Reuven David Miller
8/26/2021 at 12:15 PM
In all fairness, Poblanos are not particularly spicy.😉
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