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Where's Your Voice Over Business
Going - And How Will You Get There?
April 28, 2014

Note: This advice is from VoiceOverXtra's new Voice Over Business Success eCourse, taught by biz coach / voice talent Ron Minatrea, featuring live hands-on webinars April 29 and May 1, 2014, plus videos and additional worksheets. Click here for more.

By Ron Minatrea
Professional Business Coach & Voice Talent

Congratulations! You’ve just been elected to the Voice Over Hall of Fame. Now: 
  • Who are other people already in this Hall of Fame?
  • What attributes got you selected for this great honor?
  • What accomplishment is single-handedly most responsible for your selection? 

To help you answer those questions, let's explore your voice over business vision and mission.

To me, the word vision refers to visual images, of a state of being. It’s the ability to see what can be, and then to let that image guide your day-to-day decisions and choices. 

Vision refers more to WHO you see yourself becoming, than WHAT you are doing. 

Vision may include elements of your character - or the character of your company. 

Mission, on the other hand, refers to WHAT you are trying to accomplish as a voice over business. This is a higher level than any single goal or set of goals, but is more the overarching reason you’re in business. It’s generally active - filled with verbs.


Don’t worry about having a vision or mission statement that is polished. They don't have to be "catch phrases” that you can put on a t-shirt or ball cap.

However, it would be nice to be able to describe your vision and mission during an elevator ride.

Perhaps at first this will take a 12-floor ride on a slow elevator, but in time you’ll refine it to the point that you’ll be articulating your vision and mission as a very short elevator speech.


Start by using bullet points. Capture key elements that you know to be true about you and / or your voice over company. 

Pay particular attention to elements that have been true about you for years. These elements that stand the test of time are great clues to who you are, where you find your passion, and what it is that you hope to accomplish.  

So, write now: articulate a vision for your company.

Then describe your company’s mission.
Ron Minatrea is a Certified Professional Business Coach with over 30 years as a Fortune 500 business leader. Today he works to teach, lead, and encourage others to define and achieve their goals. Also a working voice over talent, he helps other VO’s apply sound business practices to create successful, sustainable careers.


Voice Over Business Success eCourse, April 29 & May 1, 2014. Click here.

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