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Report on the Voice Over Industry: 2009
The Players, The Market, Salaries & Earnings
Dec. 31, 2009
Worried about 2009?
Take heart in an observation from the Report on the Voice Over Industry: 2009, released today by, the giant voice-over industry online marketplace.
"Despite broader economic concerns, voice-overs - and the larger language services industry - continues to grow at a healthy and sustainable rate," writes company CEO David Ciccarelli in his report "Wrap-Up." But the industry's evolution marches on.
"Voice talent, agents, casting directors and unions face a changed environment," Ciccarelli observes. "The convergence of media and technology, combined with the fragmentation and personalization of media, is affecting all industry players in unprecedented ways.
"This report aims to identify the key players who participate in the industry, describe behavior and trends, but most importantly, highlight areas of opportunity that should be capitalized upon in 2009."
In a series of slides, the report includes: 
  • A map of the voice-over industry online charted by TouchGraph.
  • A graph of web sites that receive the most page views, as sourced by
  • The single most searched-for keyword, and how much Google charges for a click if you were to bid on that keyword using Google Adwords, the search engine's marketing program.
  • New information revealing the slight decline in radio and television advertising, but the rise in Internet, podcasting and videogame advertising.
  • Details about "The gadget of the year".
  • Information covering salaries of union and non-union voice-over talent, including dollar amounts for contracts with residuals, as well as average rates for freelance voice-over work.
In PDF format, the free report is available at:
The web site address is, and Ciccarelli may be contacted at
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