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SEPTEMBER 18-20, 2013
Voice Over VIRTUAL ...
Imagine That!
By John Florian
Tidy up your home studio, or wherever you will be in September with Internet access.
Because we're inviting all your voice over friends and the industry's top trainers and gear manufacturers to visit you there for a giant online party and learning experience - Voice Over VIRTUAL - Imagine That!
Here's what's coming ...

Produced and presented by VoiceOverXtra, Voice Over VIRTUAL - Imagine That! is a bustling three-day online city of opportunities for:
  • unique and entertaining audio/visual voice over career education sessions and special events,
  • an interactive exhibit hall, where you shop and learn about gear, training, jobs, products and services,
  • virtual meeting rooms for personal meetings with trainers and auditions with casting directors, agents and talent managers - play your best demo!
  • real-time social networking and fun with colleagues
  • chat lounges for chance encounters, spontaneous meet-ups and fun
  • entertainment, games and more
And it's all accessed simply by clicking a URL link to enter the interactive VOV world.
You're in your home studio ... or relaxing in a comfy chair or WiFi hangout somewhere ... and your click transports you to VOV Plaza - a visually popping gathering place for voice actors.

Look around ...
Why, that's Virtual Emcee Dave Courvoisier over there, smiling, beckoning us to click for a welcoming message and brief tour of this online world and how you navigate it.
Thanks, Dave. See you later.
Hey - and here is the VoicePlex Theater, where the main door (click it) opens to your seat for dozens of educational sessions led by the industry's top professionals.
Hmm ... nudge your online neighbors and get to know each other. You can exchange info, chat - even swap demos.
After the session, follow the trainer to an interactive Q&A text chat session for answers to your follow-up questions.
In the theater you'll see an agenda for all presentations, organized in four important tracks:
  • Voice Acting
  • Audiobooks
  • Home Studio
  • Business
You can customize your conference experience - come and go, and enjoy the presentations per your schedule, not ours.

And remarkably, you'll have until Nov. 30 to return as many times as you like to access the training recordings.


Say, what's all the excitement about next door to the theater?

Click the Virtual Exhibit Hall for an array of booths you'll enter to chat personally with manufacturers and distributors of voice over equipment, top voice over trainers, services and products.

Some will appear live on webcam! Download information, audios and videos, and connect to their websites (but return to VOV!). And note the times of scheduled demonstrations you won't want to miss.


With so many colleagues wandering around VOV, you're bound to rub virtual shoulders with folks you know - or want to know (if you want to, that is. Privacy is up to you).

Take a break in Tom's Tiki Lounge or wander into the Chance Encounter Cafe and strike up a chat. Dare you enter Demo Dare?

Spontaneous chat groups can be formed to discuss voice over home studio, voice acting ... or whatever topic you want to explore with colleagues. (Just contact VOV HQ with your idea.)

Amid the excitement, don't forget to eat. We're even exploring the possibility of an online Food Court.
(I've yet to voice an infomercial, and have always wanted to say this: "But wait! That's not all!")
Voice Over VIRTUAL's main days are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, September 18-20, 2013. But wait, that's not all! 
  • To acquaint you with comfortably navigating and enjoying the virtual experience, an Open House begins September 7, at which we'll welcome both registered attendees and future registrants to instructional videos, games and pre-shows.
  • To accommodate your busy schedule, all educational sessions and shows will be recorded and available to view until November 30, 2013. How's that for convenience?

VoiceOverXtra - the voice over industry's premier online news, education and resource center - is the sole producer and financial investor in Voice Over VIRTUAL.

Yet a project of this scope needs the vision and behind-the-scenes work and energy of a highly talented and creative crew. You may already know many of these folks ....
  • Event Consultants: James Alburger and Penny Abshire, co-producers of the VOICE conventions
  • Event Director: Denise Chamberlain, voice talent and professional event manager
  • Production Director: Dan Lenard, voice talent, Home Studio Master audio guru, and co-host of the East-West Audio Body Shop (EWABS) Ustream TV show
  • Virtual Emcee and Social Media Director: Dave Courvoisier, voice talent and award-winning Las Vegas TV news anchor
  • Exhibits & Sponsors Director: Martha Kahn, voice talent and VoiceOverXtra's Marketing & Sales Director
  • Business Director: Elizabeth Holmes, voice talent and business consultant
  • Marketing Consultant: Tom Dheere, voice talent and voice over marketing and business consultant
And the staff will surely grow as we develop the virtual environment for you.
For current details and the registration savings and bonuses, please visit:
And we'd love your comments, suggestions and inquiries any time!
John Florian is the founder/publisher of VoiceOverXtra, the voice over industry's award-winning online news, education and resource center, offering thousands of resource links, how-to articles, calendar of industry events, industry directory, webinar training and more. A former magazine editorial director/publisher, John is also a voice talent who merged those two career passions to create VoiceOverXtra in 2007.
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Comments (7)
Liz Harris
6/25/2013 at 5:56 PM
Fantastic! This event will be invaluable for a newbie like me!
Johnny George
6/25/2013 at 1:38 PM
John, this sounds fantastic. Kudos to you and all involved. Brilliant.

Thank you...looking forward to it.
6/25/2013 at 2:06 AM
Sounds amazing, John. What a feat to put it together and pull it all off!! Thank you for doing this, it sounds incredibly useful.
Paul Garner
6/24/2013 at 11:14 PM
What a fantastic opportunity! All from the comfort of my home studio, too. Can't wait to participate!
Peter Bradshaw
6/7/2013 at 5:25 PM
Great to hear that is happening. For people like me who live in Ireland and other parts of Europe it will be great to be a part of this event without having to travel 4,000 miles. I do love LA but can't travel to often to it.
Kind regards. Peter
Dan Hurst
3/5/2013 at 8:53 PM
LOVE this idea!!! Looking forward to it!!!
James Alburger
2/15/2013 at 1:34 AM
As co-producers of the VOICE conventions, Penny and I are incredibly honored to be assisting VoiceOverXtra with "Voice Over Virtual - Imagine That". The opportunities to learn from and chat with some of the top VO talent and coaches in the country is truly limited only by your imagination. And there are so many very cool things you'll be able to do at VOV, you definitely don't want to miss it. The only thing missing is the one-on-one personal social networking, but that's a bit difficult with a virtual conference. Besides... that's one of the main features of the VOICE convention. We look forward to "seeing" you at Voice Over Virtual in September.

James Alburger & Penny Abshire
Executive Producers, VoiceOver International Creative Experience
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