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'Twas The Night Before Christmas'
... Voiced By 31 Pros For Charity

December 6, 2011

(VOXtra) - Here's something children can enjoy - twice.

You will, too.

Led by popular voice talent Joe Cipriano, 31 of the country's top voice over pros recently voiced a special version of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas as a way to raise money for children at the Children's Hospital UCLA.

Under the name Primetime Voices for Children, "the group gathered in studios to donate their time and talent," Cipriano explains.

The recording will be released this week and all sales and donations to Voices For Children will benefit Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA.

Later this month, "The entire cast will assemble at the hospital for a live performance and donation," adds Prime Time voicer Beau Weaver.  


You'll love the enchanting recording. Click here to hear.

You may donate to the cause and also purchase the recording - with proceeds going to the Children's Hospital - at: (click on DONATE at the left of the page)

Radio stations are also invited to download the recording, with hopes they will post it on their websites with a link to the donation site.

"We felt there was an opportunity to offer up new and unique holiday content for radio programmers and music directors to freshen up their playlists of holiday classics, and do some good for children," Cipriano explains.


The cast of this stirring recording is a Who's Who of the voice over world:
  • Joan Baker
  • Bob Bergen
  • Kay Bess
  • Corey Burton
  • Joe Cipriano
  • Howard Cogan
  • Townsend Coleman
  • Josh Daugherty
  • George DelHoyo
  • Kara Edwards
  • Dave Fennoy
  • Pat Fraley
  • Stew Hererra
  • Ben Patrick Johnson
  • Brian Lee
  • Bill Lloyd
  • Anthony Mendez
  • Paul Pape
  • Jim Pratt
  • Bill Ratner
  • Rino Romano
  • Scott Rummell
  • Ashton Smith
  • Jim Tasker
  • John Taylor
  • Randy Thomas
  • Keri Tombazian
  • Sylvia Villagran
  • Rick Wasserman
  • Beau Weaver, and
  • Zurek

Cipriano produced the project and brought in John Masecar for the sound design of the classic poem.

Steve Bravin and his team at Killer Tracks, courtesy of Universal Music Group, donated the music free of licensing fees to the cause, Cipriano adds.

The track can also be purchased on CDBaby,com, Amazon and iTunes.

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Comments (2)
John Florian
12/7/2011 at 4:23 PM
Hi Chris,
Indeed, they all do a great job with this recording. My use of the word "top" in this article didn't mean to imply that there are ONLY 31 top voice talents! These are "31 OF the country's top voice over pros." Determining the best-of-the-best wouldn't be a task I'd look forward to.
Christopher Caldwell
12/7/2011 at 2:45 PM
Some nice voices for a nice cause. But certainly not the top pros. Who determines these are the "top" pros anyway? Cipriano? What's the criteria? Income? I wasn't asked to participate. It's more like the "top" clique.

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