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Don LaFontaine 'Continues to Stabilize' ... 
From Nita: 'Your Kindness Overwhelms Me'
Aug. 27, 208
The condition of hospitalized voice-over legend Don LaFontaine "continues to stabilize" says his friend of 30 years, Paul Pape.
And as the voice-over community buzzes with well-wishes for "The Don," his wife Nita says, "Your kindness overwhelms me." 
In an earlier recent note to the voice-over community, Nita announced Don's current struggle and sought prayers for his recovery (see story). The messages flooded in.
"I read each of your comments and tears of joy fell with each sentence, prayer and good wish," she says.
The full text of those letters from Paul and Nita are below.
But as the news about Don's condition sweeps through industry blogs, forums and social networking sites, there is concern about the long-term effect of it on future business. Facts can become half-truth rumors that take on lives of their own.
"While the VO community will show an outpouring of love and support for Don, current and potential clients may react differently," cautions Gabrielle Nistico, Director of Operations at
"Some folks take it too far," she says. "I would hate for any of this publicity to be misinterpreted and result in an even greater work loss for such a great man.
"Don needs our emotional support, but he needs our business acumen, too."
Late yesterday, Don's friend Paul Pape posted this message on the VoiceOver Universe web site:

"To all of Don's friends in the Voice-Over Community:

"Don's condition continues to stabilize. There is significant progress and while he has quite a ways to go yet, there is every reason to keep the faith.
"Many of you have expressed your feelings and chosen to respect the privacy that Don and his family need right now. One could ask no more of you. This show of respect is deeply appreciated by those closest to the situation.
"Don and I often remark that we are more brothers at this point than just best friends. Yet, as your  outpouring of support shows, Don has many 'best friends.' He is clearly important to us all.

"Don's wife, Nita, read every single comment that has been posted and was truly touched and strengthened by your words and prayers. Please see Nita's response below.
"As for me, please accept a simple 'thanks' for being there for my ol' pal.
"Sincerely, Paul Pape"
The following note was also posted from Don's wife, Nita:

"To all of you beautiful voice angels,

"I am overflowing with gratitude for the responses you've sent on behalf of Don and our family.
"I read each of your comments and tears of joy fell with each sentence, prayer and good wish. It's so easy to live your life in pursuit of your dreams and not realize how you are affecting others in a positive way; that in some way by living your dreams you inspire others to pursue theirs.
"I am so honored to have you all praying and rooting for us during this time. Don is a warrior, larger than life, but in all this he is always slightly amused that you find him some sort of 'guru.' He never gets used to that and lives his life with a kindness, humility, and dignity of a 'small town boy who done good.'
"Your kindness overwhelms me and fills me with great peace. My husband is a great man to me not just because of his work and the trail he's blazed in your business, but because he is so generous of spirit, a terrific husband and father, and the love of my life.
"Thank you for being in our village of believers and prayers as Don works his way back to the mic! I'll be sure he knows of your kindness.

"Peace and blessings, Nita, Wife of Don"
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