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Auditions by iPhone? Sure ... Plug
In Mic & Check Poddio Software
By Dave Courvoisier
Voice Actor & TV News Anchor

Voice-over auditions done on your iPhone? This is an intriguing concept, absolutely do-able (in theory), and probably will be common in the future.

I’m sure something similar could be done by Android, BlackBerry, or other smartphone. But follow the bouncing ball while I explain how it could be done on the iPhone.

First you need a microphone.
A number of mics plug into either the charging port on the bottom of the phone or the earphone plug on the top of the phone.

The Blue Mikey is a particularly nice addition from Blue Microphones. They’ve actually come out with a new model that has stereo recording capabilities, a 230-degree rotating design, and a USB pass-through - not to mention it’s own carrying pouch and headphones.
It has the same hi-fidelity 3-gain selection switch features of the original Mikey.

See also the VeriCorder mini-mic, a nice companion to the software I’m about to describe below, by VeriCorder.

Now, you need decent software ... or not.
You could probably stop right here and turn in a pretty decent soundfile to that client waiting impatiently to hear your dulcet tones on their new project.

But I know you better than that. You need something more than what is available for 99-cents in the appstore. You need Poddio.

Poddio used to be inexpensive. Not any more. But if you’re serious about this, you’ll need to get Poddio - an unbelievably feature-rich audio editor in the palm of your hand.

Virtually anything you can do with Sony SoundForge, you can do in Poddio (almost).

Visit VeriCorder yourself and see the specs. I’ll not bore you here, but this is one slick software app.

Since it’s inception late last year, Poddio seems to have gone through developmental growing pains. It certainly jumped its price about 400%, and you can’t get it by just doing a search under Applications on your iPhone.
You have to visit Apptism, or the VeriCorder site.

Poddio even lets you upload/share your finished audition to a server through WiFi or 3G, so your client can download and hear it.

Again, this is pricey. But hey, you want your audition to sound good, right?
Dave Courvoisier (“pronounced just like the fine cognac, only no relation”) is an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, writer, producer, voice actor, and the main weeknight news anchor on KLAS-TV, Channel 8, the Las Vegas CBS affiliate. Savvy with voice-over technology and social media, he also writes Voice-Acting in Vegas, an informative and entertaining daily blog of voice acting adventures and industry observations. 


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Comments (5)
Scott Fortney
2/19/2010 at 4:15 PM
Great article, Dave! I own a Blackberry and an iPod Touch. Found VC Audio Pro (from VeriCorder) in the iPod Touch app store - only $5.99 and it looks pretty good. Team it with a Blue Mikey and it might be the answer for iPod Touch people. So you could record on the go for less than 30-bucks! I love it! Thanks, Dave. ~Scooter
Pamela Tansey
2/19/2010 at 1:29 PM
Thanks for the great info, Dave......hearing lots of good things about Blue..........
dc goode
2/19/2010 at 12:43 PM
Thanks Dave.
When I reviewed the Mikey right after it came out, this was the very thing that got me excited about it. I knew it wouldn't take long until there was "an APP for that." But for me, until the iPhone will do flash websites ...I ain't buyin. '-) As for the price increase ... WWWHHHOOAA! Did they take a que from Source Connect!? But then again, some of the richest guys around these days got there by creating "an app for that". '-)
Wayne Henderson
2/19/2010 at 12:27 PM
Although Poddio sounds like a fabulous and powerful iPhone App, $149.99 is just not in my budget at this time. And knowing that it was originally priced at $29.99, and then suddenly had a price increase of $120.00(!!!!!), just seems a bit out of line. One thing that the company behind Poddio could do, is find a way to offer a "lite" version for $15.00, or give a 10-day limited-functionality trial version of Poddio.
Jane Ingalls
2/19/2010 at 8:05 AM
Dave, perfect timing. I was trying to figure this one out just last night! iPhone auditions sound like a great option from a portability standpoint and quick turnaround. Thank you for the terrific leads. All the best, Jane
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