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Attitudes Affect Actions At The Mic:
'On Air' After Boston Bomber Capture
April 24, 2013

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By Moneen Daley Harte
Voice Actor / Coach
Boston Area Radio Personality

(VOXtra) - Can asking yourself one simple question at the mic change everything?
Yes. Yes it can!
If you find yourself mentally blocked in radio or voice over - endlessly distracted - unfocused on your delivery - unsure of your intention - please allow me to share a discovery with you.  

Preparation can largely be reduced to asking yourself one universal question:  "What is my attitude?"
  • Not what you wish your attitude to be,
  • Not what you've been told it should be,
  • Not what your idealized self is suggesting ...
... but truly, "What is my attitude?" 

If it's something unexpected or negative, no big deal - name it and claim it so you can adjust your attitude correctly. Self awareness and self direction need to co-exist and are essential at the mic.  


This powerful preparation was quite helpful when I found myself taking to the air waves live in Boston just eight hours after the capture of the Boston Marathon Bomber.

While I've definitely voiced many emotionally charged voice over sessions and have been on air during or after major news events, the uniquely sensitive and personal nature of this adopted home town tragedy turned global story had me unraveling and reacting strongly.   

To simplify and sort out my emotions, I had to dig deep into what I was feeling so that my delivery would be natural and my word choice appropriate.

Once I recognized and dismissed the urge to get noticed or be self-serving, it cleared the path for me to feel a deeper attitude of being strong / confident / respectful / hopeful and human. 

This was a way for me to be of service ... a greater attitude and more genuine.      


I've shared this idea informally with at least a dozen or so colleagues in the past week and thought it may be helpful to the community here.

Talented individuals get blocked simply because they get lost in the details of execution, like pacing, phrasing, pronunciation, demographics, physicality, the last comment a Producer/Creative Director or PD said, etc. 

We need to be reminded to go bigger, reach higher and to feel rather than think.    


Here is an excellent exercise to play with the next time you're preparing a script or going on air.

Once you clearly define your attitude, say that word aloud, slowly with meaning and with a vivid mental picture.

Breathe and speak this word/attitude until you feel it.


It's amazing because you know in your heart of hearts when you're faking and when you're working. 

Listen to yourself and trust yourself. Attitude adjustment will allow you to take action. Action will allow for psychological energy, and psychological energy will fan the flame so you can fire up your performance!    
Moneen Daley Harte is a voice talent, voice over coach and popular radio personality in the Boston area, who counts close to 33,000 hours in paid performance time over a 27-year career that combines radio and freelance voice over. She developed the Radio Rehab program for clients and colleagues "who need help in creating authentic presentations after their years of developing crutches, short cuts and working with devastating misconceptions about their own talent. Her first Radio Rehab client was legendary ABC News presenter Jim Hickey, who is now voicing audiobooks.

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Comments (1)
4/25/2013 at 12:28 AM
Thank you, Moneen! This is a great way to be aware of and adjust your attitude in all aspects of your life! Thanks again!
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