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New Film, Voice Messages, Is Documenting
The Power And Beauty Of The Human Voice

July 8, 2016

(VOXtra) - As voice actors we know the power, the beauty and the importance of the human voice - even as the general public may take voice for granted as simply another of our many senses.

Filmmaker and multi-Emmy-winning producer Martin Zied (pictured) is on a documentary mission to create a new public mindset.

From his personal and professional experiences, Zied is creating Voice Messages - a film that, as he explains, "explores the human voice in ways that have never been seen or heard together in the same place."

Voice Messages combines singing, speaking, science, sociology and history to examine the far-reaching impact of the human voice. And Zied says, viewers will be "entertained, informed, amazed and taken to places they've probably never been before."

We get a glimpse of that in this enchanting brief video.
Watch and then read below what Zied tells VoiceOverXtra about his passion for human voice - plus a contest for non-professional choirs and singing groups (entry is free) in a search for the group that will be featured prominently in the film.


In the initial phase of this project Zied has interviewed a diverse set of experts and performers, including voice over artist Billy West (pictured, in a still from the film). Among West's many credits are The Ren & Stimpy Show and Futurama.

Also currently in the film are Grammy-winning recording artists Linda Ronstadt, Take 6, Lalah Hathaway (daughter of the R&B luminary Donny Hathaway), vocal special effects wizard Michael Winslow (The Police Academy franchise, Spaceballs), otolaryngologist and chairman of the The Voice Foundation Dr. Robert Sataloff, and Anne Karpf, author of The Human Voice.
(Editor's note: We'd look forward to seeing additional voice actors in the mix!)
To complete the filming, Zied is raising funds in Indiegogo, where contributors will choose from a variety of rewards including signed DVDs, limited-edition art prints, high-quality tote bags, special mention in closing credits and more.


Zied is a six-time Emmy™ Award winner with extensive television and film experience. He has written and produced episodes and segments for TV shows including 20/20 (ABC) and 48 Hours Mystery (CBS).

His 20/20 segment on "the history of terrorism" featured an interview with Osama Bid Laden and never-before-seen footage of the first World Trade Center terror attack in 1993.

Zied is also an Emmy-winning Senior Producer and teacher at Drexel University's Paul F. Harron Studios in Philadelphia.

A rabid sports fan, he's written for Sports Illustrated online, and
Zied is a sought after public speaker and singer and aficionado of vocal harmony.


Yet all this experience does not completely explain Zeid's interest in the human voice, as he explains in reply to VoiceOverXtra's question about the source of his passion for voice:

"I was moved to tears in the third grade as an upper classman sang in the school auditorium," he says. "I was with my mom and was totally embarrassed by crying and had no idea why I cried.

"Years later I realized that it was the tenderness and soulfulness of his voice that had shaken me.

"I was a voice nut from that day on!

"In my life I went on to sing in harmony groups - doo wop on the Philly street corners, college Glee Club and choir, barbershop quartets and most recently, an acapella gospel group. And as a TV network producer, I came into contact with incredibly commanding voices that I loved listening to.

"I decided to make Voice Messages as an ode to our voices, in all of their many manifestations."


Zied adds that in his courses at Drexel University, he teaches students how to use their voices in voice overs.

"What I've found is that the more comfortable they become with their voices, the more confident they become as individuals," he says. "That may seem unremarkable to some, but to me, it's a revelation!

"And we all know how a voice in a television commercial or in any performance, can be an uplifting, powerful tool, that can sometimes determine whether the commercial or performance is a success.

"The voice is an underrated instrument. It can make all the difference in our worlds!"


Zied also announces an open call for submissions to select the choir or singing group to be featured in Voice Messages.

"Entering is free and open to any and all non-professional choirs and singing groups around the world," he explains. The winning choir will be chosen by a panel of judges.

The choir contest entry deadline is July 20, 2016, and details are here:

Details about the funding campaign are also at the above link.

And for more about this film, please visit

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Comments (2)
Natasha Marchewka
7/8/2016 at 12:51 PM
Thank you SO much for sharing this!!! Was grateful it was delivered to my inbox and that I opened it! DEFINATELY donating!!
Cylinda McAlister
7/8/2016 at 10:52 AM
Thank you so much for sharing this. I am an Actor and Model and have a desire to do voice over also. Love your voice by the way, look forward to your project and will be praying your goals get met.

Take Care,
Cylinda McAlister
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