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George Whittam (left) and Dan Lenard set the stage for their weekly voice over Internet TV show - Monday nights starting at 6 pm Pacific, 9 pm Eastern.


Tonight: Voice Over Body Shop (VO-BS)
Guest Is Lori Alan - Spongebob's 'Pearl' 

September 7, 2015

(VOXtra) - Tonight, dive deep into voice over fun and tips with Spongebob SquarePants' Pearl the Whale - in real life, the perky, talented voice actor Lori Alan - at the Voice Over Body Shop (VO-BS), the weekly Internet VO TV show, starting at 6 pm Pacific and 9 pm Eastern.

Co-hosts Dan Lenard and George Whittam will interview Alan (pictured), who is also popularly known as the female chameleon in the current Valspar paint TV commercials, as well as the voice of Diane Simmons in Family Guy. Her voice is also featured in many TV animation shows, movies and video games.

The VO-BS show was formerly known as the East-West Audio Body Shop (EWABS) until Lenard's move from New York State to the Los Angeles area this summer, locating near Whittam. Thus, the show was renamed. But their independent home audio consulting businesses continue - Lenard as The Home Studio Master, and Whittam, as consultant to the VO stars.

Each show features guests, videos of viewer's home studios, voice over news, and - of course - home studio audio tips and advice. A lively chat box lets the audience comment live about the show (and stray to other topics).

Also, questions can be sent to Dan and George in advance, or during the show, at

Past shows, including the August 31 interview with voice over star, coach and animation funnyman Marc Graue, can be viewed any time at the VO-BS website:

And you can join the live fun tonight, starting at 6 pm Pacific, 9 pm Eastern, by clicking here or at

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