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'Voice Over Body Shop' Updates Its Own
Tech & Welcomes Promo Guest J.J. Jurgens
June 5, 2017

(VOXtra) - Fresh with new streaming webcast technology, the ever-entertaining and unpredictable Voice Over Body Shop (VOBS) webcast (starting at 6 pm Pacific at returns tonight with interview guest J.J. Jurgens.

And can you get any more inside the Hollywood VO promo scene than with J.J.?

She's an Emmy-nominated writer, producer, actor, and VP of Daytime On-Air promo and Creative Director for Daytime at CBS.

Enjoy the lively interview with J.J. and email your questions for her - and about voice over technology - to You can send the questions now or during the webcast.

A lively chat room is a show in itself during this webcast!

Webcast co-hosts Dan Lenard (the Home Studio Master) and George Whittam (Edge Studio Technical Director) have been educating and entertaining the voice over community with their webcast for six years. It was originally named the East West Audio Body Shop (EWABS), connecting Dan in Buffalo with George in Los Angeles. When Dan moved to L.A., the name changed to Voice Over Body Shop.

Over this time, they've interviewed industry movers and shakers including Tom Kenney, June Foray, Dave Fennoy, Maurice LaMarche, Lori Allen and Joe Cipriano along with top casting directors and coaches.   


"When we started this we had no idea, technically, how to do it. It took a few months of research on how to stream a live show," recalls George, who is also the webcast's producer. "Remember, this was 2011."

The team settled on a software and streaming service that served the duo with many great shows - and a few plagued with technical glitches.

In recent months, more compatibility issues began to crop up and it was decided to try another system that promises more reliability and more power to use the powerful studio software, George explains.

"We're firing that up tonight! Having a software-based TV studio, while inexpensive, is challenging," George says. "A hardware-based system is far more reliable, but far more expensive.

"Hopefully, the new system will allow us to go live and stay that way for the show's usual 90 minute duration."

Tonight's webcast will use Facebook Live as the initial delivery system, and give fans more interaction.  

And the show will continue the popular DAWVIEW 2017 reports and weekly news from VoiceOverXtra.

The online event starts at 9 pm Eastern; 8 pm Central; 7 pm Mountain; 6 pm Pacific.

Past shows can also be viewed any time on YouTube and at the VO-BS website:


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