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News: People
11/16/2023: Voice Actor-Cancer Survivor Brad Shaw Is Raising Money For Cancer Research With 'Wonderland' Audiobook
9/14/2023: 'Do It MY Way Or...' Junga Books & Videos Help Kids Understand & Deal With Bullying, by James Alburger
12/7/2021: The 'Holiday Magic CD' Surfs Again To Children In Hospitals; Free 'Radio Show' Fundraiser Is December 12
1/19/2021: The 'Brad Venable Coaching Scholarship' Delivers Financial Aid To Brad's Family And A Raffle For Top Voice Over Coaching
11/30/2020: Children's Holiday Magic Project - Jeffery The Reindeer, Santa And Voice Actors To The Rescue! For Children In Hospitals ...
7/23/2020: Voice Over People - I Am Not A Black Voice Actor. I Am Not An African-American Voice Actor. I Am A Voice Actor, by Kabir Singh
6/1/2020: Voice Actors Produce Moving 'Global Thank You' Video For COVID-19 Workers And Families
12/31/2019: Here's To A Very Happy Voice Over Career New Year - And Decade!
11/27/2019: Best Wishes for a Very Happy Thanksgiving!
10/30/2019: Latin Music And Bilingual Voice-Over: It's A Marriage Made In Heaven, by Brian Amador
12/27/2018: IN MEMORY - Pat Sweeney: 'Positively Impacted More People Than He May Have Ever Realized,' by Peter K. O'Connell
12/4/2018: Kids In Hospitals This Month Will Brighten With Stories & Songs On 'Holiday Magic CD'
10/31/2018: Voicing Around On An Autumn Night: Halloween Podcasts Dish Up A Fright
4/12/2018: Voice Actor-Blogger Paul Strikwerda Suffers Stroke Inside VO Booth - Recovering Now, Relates Horrible Experience
People: Hear VoiceOverXtra John Florian On Latest 'The Voice-Over Roadmap' Podcast
11/14/2017: 'Holiday Magic' CD Cheers Kids In Hospitals; Your Donation Sends The Smiles Worldwide
11/2/2017: These Male Voice Actors Stop Shaving For 'Movember' - Supporting Men's Health
10/24/2017: Activate Your Voice 4 Autism And Speak Out Against Bullying
5/26/2017: 'Outspoken' Voice Over Agent-Voice Actor Erik Sheppard Starts YouTube Q&A Series
12/23/2016: Holiday Magic CD Project - What's Better Than Lifting Children's Spirits In Hospitals During The Holidays?
11/23/2016: Thanksgiving - What Are You Thankful For This Week? Come On - You'll Be Glad To Share ...
People: What's 'Movember'? Remembering Granddad Ed Enders - "My Living Superman," by J. Christopher Dunn
People: On Air With Broadcast Journalist & Voice Actor Michael Schoen At NYC's WCBS Newsradio 880, by Lynne Darlington
5/2/2016: Peter Thomas, Iconic Voice Actor And Humanitarian - The Voice You Knew
3/21/2016: With Positive Vibes, Penny Abshire Announces Her Retirement From 'This Crazy' VO Business
12/31/2015: New Year's Resolutions 'Are A Crappy Idea' - Make Mistakes, Then Get Up And Keep Going, by Hugh Klitze
12/17/2015: Our VO Days Are Merry And Bright With The 2015 Voice Talent Holiday Greeting!
French Voice Actor Aurélien Nancel Tells About Voice Acting in France - And Worldwide, by Aurélien Nancel
Humor: Start Your Week With These VO Laughs, From Voice Actor-Cartoon Wit Guy Harris
7/15/2015: 'Eagle Warrior' Project Hunts For Green Light To Soar From 1519 Mesoamerica To Movie Audiences Worldwide
7/6/2015: EWABS' Final Program Is Tonight (Monday)! Oh Wait ... It's Just A Name Change ... Whew
6/15/2015: In The UK, The VoiceOver Network Continues Growth To Support And Strengthen Industry - And Party This Friday! by Rachael Naylor
5/14/2015: VOICES REMEMBER Raises Funds And Awareness For Alzheimer's And Dementia Victims And Caregivers, by John Florian
04/21/2015: Should Voice Actors Run For Congress? We Can Talk To Each Other And Work Together, by Brian Amador
12/15/2014: Santa Terry Daniel Leads Nearly 100 Voice Actors In Laugh-Out-Loud Holiday Greeting
10/16/2014: Master Storyteller Harlan Hogan Entertains And Informs In New VO Book. Excerpt: 'My First Shift On The Air"
9/28/2014: Voice Over People - Start Your Weeks On A High Note Wtih 'Sunday SideLines' by Debby Barnes
7/22/2014: Dave Courvoisier Publishes 'Must Read' Career Book - 'More Than Just A Voice'
5/16/2014: New Book: 'Making MONEY In Your PJs' - Practical, Personal, Realistic Guide To Voice Over, by Paul Strikwerda
4/10/2014: Voice Actor Lands First Network TV Spot For Medical Marijuana - Without An Audition, by Farn Dupre
2/17/2014: VANESSA HART. Dear Vanessa ... A Letter From Your Friends
People: Eight Days From Voice To Cartoon: The Making Of Animated Video 'E.V.I.L., by Joe Thomas
12/3/2013: Who's Who In This Year's CD Cast Of The 'Children's Holiday Magic Project'
12/2/2013: Take A Break, Putting Voices To Names - 4th Annual Voice Talent Holiday Greeting, from Terry Daniel
11/25/2013: Holiday Magic Project Sending 7,000+ CDs To Children's Hospitals Worldwide
11/19/2013: Senior Voice Actors Are Treated To New Website For 'Seniors Like Us' by Bob Noble
11/14/2013: Cast of Global Voice Talent Produces PSA For Philippine Relief Effort, by Derek Chappell
10/17/2013: Sneak Peek #3 - Joe Cipriano's 'Living On Air' - Meeting Don LaFontaine - Second To No One, by Joe Cipriano
10/16/2013: Sneak Peek #2 - Joe Cipriano's 'Living On Air' - A Brand New Adventure - Voice-Over Work, by Joe Cipriano
10/15/2013: Sneak Peek #1 - Joe Cipriano's 'Living On Air' - 'Incredible Job' Begins At Age 14, by Joe Cipriano
8/28/2013: In Egypt- Voice Actor Mahmoud Taji Dismantles Studio, Prepares Family To Leave
8/20/2013: Tech Expert George Whittam Joins Edge Studio As Director Of Technology
A Feel-Good Story To Start Your Week: 'One Of The Reasons I Do Voice Over' by Darla Middlebrook
7/29/2013: Voice Over Newcomers - Where To Start? New Voice123 Blog Interviews Bettye Zoller
'Love That VO' Podcast: Juan Carlos Bagnell On 'Top Tier' Voice Actors & Industry Changes, by Rebecca Michaels Haugh
Video: 'And God Made A Voice Actor' - Ode to YOU And Paul Harvey, from John Taylor
2/5/2013: Super Bowl Commercial Inspires "The Ninth Day - So God Made An Audio Engineer" - Zak Miller Video
1/28/2013: Lake Bell's 'In A World' Voice Over Movie Wins Sundance Outstanding Screenwriting Award
1/25/2013: New Voice Over Movie Comedy 'In A World' Is Big Hit At Sundance - See It Jan. 31 At Special Screening
12/24/2012: Happy Holidays From VoiceOverXtra! Plus Philip Banks, 'Four Voicemen' & Jerry Reed
12/23/2012: Rodney Saulsberry - Outstanding Actor Nomination For Role In CBS's 'The Bold And The Beautiful'
12/18/2012: The Two Voice Over Baritones - Mesmerizing Christmas Stories From Dan Hurst And Rick Lance
12/15/2012: 'Twas An Evening Of Holiday Magic - Wrapped In Generous Talent And Song, by Jeff Gelder
12/9/2012: Hot, Hot: The 2013 Voice Over Calendars - 'Voiceover Vixens' and 'Microphone Machos'
12/8/2012: Perfect Holiday Gift Album: 'Prime Time Voices' Christmas Stories - And Proceeds Benefit Kids
10/29/2012: Hurricane Sandy - Notes From Voice Actors Weathering The Storm - How Are YOU Doing?
10/30/2012: Voice Over Men Get Hairier In 'Movember' To Support Men's Health Issues, by Peter K. O'Connell
8/20/2012 - Don LaFontaine / Part 2: Genius, Eternal Inspiration, Doing Voice Overs 'From The Heart'
8/17/2012 - Don LaFontaine's Friends Remember How 'King Of Voice Overs' Shaped Their Lives & Careers / Part 1, by John Florian
6/7/2012 - Voxy Ladies: Go-Getters Helping Each Other And The Voice Over Industry, by Kelley Buttrick
6/1/2012 - Go Lolo Jones! Like In Voice Over, Positive Outlook Jumps Hurdles, by Lisa Rice
4/20/2012 - Come To The 'Voice Over Cafe' - New Voice Over Show With Terry Daniel & Trish Basanyi
3/21/2012 - Q&A With Voice Over Star Joe Cipriano: 'Stick To Your Goals, Against All Odds'
2/26/2012 - Q&A With Super Bowl Voice Mike McColl - Panelist At SAG Foundation VO Summit
1/20/2012 - Rob Sciglimpaglia's 'Dad' Performance In New Chevy Ad Rides To Super Bowl
12/26/2011 - Voice Actors Create PSA Helping Victims Of Philippines Massive Storm
12/23/2011 - Voice Actor George Washington III Greets Holiday In Baritone Solo
12/21/2011 - Laugh & Send Rob Sciglimpaglia's New Chevy Ad To The Super Bowl
Jeff Kafer's 'Voice-Overload' World - Poking Fun With 'Simple Truths' by Kelley Buttrick
3/12/2011 - Japan Quake: Voice Actor Reports - Dive Under Table ... Is Wife OK? Feeling Helpless, by Mark Weitzman
A Journey To Perform: William Boyns - From Bedtime Story To Audiobook Notoriety, by Andy Boyns
Egypt: Voice Actor Taji Is 'Home ... Protecting My Family' And Writes 'The Toppling Of A Pharoah.' By Mahmoud Taji
1/7/2011 - Ted Williams: Revelations Behind The Voice Over Video Sensation, by Paul Strikwerda
1/5/2011 - 'Golden Voice' Ted Williams Returns Home To Voice Overs
12/22/2010 - My Christmas Story For Jim, Who Made Me Love The Spoken Word, by Scott Brick
12/7/2010 - Bob Noble Receives Crystal Reel Award For UFO Adventure Audiobook Narration
11/04/2010 - The Don's 'Daily Inspiration' Is Now A Lifelong Bond In Erik Sheppard's Tattoo
9/28/2010 - Rick Gordon: 'The Older I Get, The More I Learn ...' Commercial Celebrates 12 Big Years
Andy Boyns Interviews VoiceOverXtra's John Florian - 'You've Got To Do What You Love'
6/11/2010 - Joe Cipriano To Receive Don LaFontaine Legacy Award For 'Talent ... Passion For Giving Back ...'
6/2/2010 - Actress Gina Marie Is First Recipient Of Chuck Riley Memorial Voiceover Scholarship
'UFOs - God's Celestial Air Force' ... The Making Of An Audiobook, by Bob Noble
People: Living With A Voice Actor Is 'Non-Stop Live Action Theatre,' by Dianne Russell
Voice Actor's Haiti Response: "I Cried ... Now What Can I Do?" by Jean-Marc Berne
It's Weird How Some People Catch The Voice-Over Bug, by Erik Sheppard
12/9/09 - 'New York VO Mixer' Warms Up Rainy Night With High Energy 'Hi's, Hugs, Smiles & Prizes, by John Florian
12/7/09 - Erik Sheppard Proposes To LindZ Reiss At NYC VO Mixer - With 200+ Witnesses! by John Florian
9/17/09 - Interview: Kat Keesling - The Story Behind 'HearTheBill' ... And It's Just The Beginning, by John Florian
7/14/09 - No Double Dutch Spoken at Nethervoice - New German & Dutch Voice-Over Service
12/11/08 - 'Better Than Before' ... Rodney Saulsberry's New Motivational Album Strikes Chord With Voice Acting
9/7/08 - You Can Send Email Messages to Family of Don LaFontaine; Memorial Service Sept. 9, by Beau Weaver
9/2/08 - "My Favorite Don Story": The Tombstone Trailer & Voice Legend Don LaFontaine, by Tom Kane
9/2/08 - Don LaFontaine: The Great One's Voice Lives On In Fond Memories
8/27/08 - Don LaFontaine 'Continues to Stabilize'; Nita: "Your Kindness Overwhelms Me"
8/26/08 - Don LaFontaine In Critical Condition With Blood Clot; Prayers Urged For Recovery
4/17/08 - DB Cooper, VO-BB Czar, Plays Many Sides of the Voice Game
2/27/08 - Would You Let Us See Your Voice-Over Diary? Kara Edwards Did ...
2/06/08 - Tom Dheere Follows Leads ... An Example For All To Follow
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