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News: Industry
12/24/2023: Happy Holidays from VoiceOverXtra!
12/14/2023: Raising Nearly $60,000 At Its Foundation Benefit Gala, NAVA Also Presented Four Special Awards
12/7/2023: The 2023 Children's Holiday Magic Project Wraps With 'Care Deer Packs' & Fundraiser
10/10/2023: How The Actor's STRIKE Impacts The Voice Over Industry, Part 2, by Kate McClanaghan
7/27/2023: Historic SAG-AFTRA Strike Is An Industry Game Changer: Setting Pay & Work Standards For All, by Kate McClanaghan
7/17/2023: In The SAG-AFTRA TV-Theatrical-Streaming Contracts Strike, What Voice Over Union Jobs Are Affected?
7/4/2023: Happy 4th of July!
6/28/2023: VO Radio Launches With 24/7 VO News, How-To, Contests, Music - Even A Flea Market! And More
1/18/2023: How's The National Association Of Voice Actors (NAVA) Doing Two Months After Launch? VoiceOverXtra Video Interview
1/10/2023: VO Peeps Offers 3 Registration Scholarships To VO Atlanta 2023 Conference: Entry Deadlines Soon
12/5/2022: Database Launches For Disabled Voice Actors - Boosting Awareness And Voice Over Clients, by Maria Pendolino
11/16/2022: The National Association Of Voice Actors Launches With Benefits Including Health Insurance
10/8/2021: Bev Standing Settles Lawsuit With TikTok: Voice Over 'Industry Needed This Education' About TTS
2/28/2019: Enters Synthetic Voice Biz By Partnering With VocaliD - What Happens Now? by John Florian
8/13/2018 - BdehBdehBdeh - Bob Bergen, Voice Of Porky Pig & Many More, Tonight On The 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
7/2/2018: Not A VO Virgin: 'Outstanding Narrator' Emmy Nominee Anthony Mendez Tonight On 'Voice Over Body Shop' Webcast
5/22/2018: New VOICESTRONG Movement Goal: Empower Voice-Over Actors To Receive Fair Treatment And Pay, by John Florian
4/17/2018: Women Slap Peter Rofe's Voice-Over Company With Class Action Suit For Allowing Sexual Assault, by John Florian
2/13/2018: Sexual Assault: Peter Rofe's Accusers Advise: 'Know Their Game ... Trust Your Gut ... Stand Your Ground' by John Florian
2/9/2018: How 'MeToo' Entered The Voice-Over World - 'I Have Never Felt So Empowered!' by John Florian
2/8/2018: 16 Women Accuse Voice Actor/Coach Peter Rofe Of Sexually Harassing Them, by John Florian
10/10/2017: Report Says Voice Over Is $4.4 Billion Global Business, Led By 'Entertainment' Sector
5/22/2017: New Poll Results - What's LOWEST Pay You'd Accept For A Voice Over Job?
5/12/2017: New Voice Actor Poll: What's The Lowest Pay You Will Accept For A Voice Over Job?
2/4/2017: Scholarship: Blue Genie Voice Acting Scholarship - Tools, Training, Hardware - Apply Now!
8/24/2016: MCA-I - A Video Producers' Trade Group - Fades To Black As Membership Declines
7/8/2016: New Film 'Voice Messages' Is Documenting The Power And Beauty Of The Human Voice
6/10/2016: Business - Donald V. Hillary - Who Will Bring More VO Work For The Next 4 Years? by Dave Courvoisier
12/24/2015: JOY
Happy Thanksgiving! We're Thankful for YOU!
8/26/2015: Where's Voice Over Headed In The New Media Age? Ask A 'Millenial,' by Dave Courvoisier
8/17/2015: Tonight! Dan Lenard And George Whittam Return In Weekly Show, Now At VOBS.TV
2/9/2015: Edge Studio Continues Expansion With 7 More Voice Over Experts
2/9/2015: Should The Internet Be A 'Public Utility'? Comment On FCC Proposal - It Affects YOU, by James Alburger
9/6/2014: World-Voices Organization Membership Grows; Certifications, Talent Search & More, by Dave Courvoisier
8/24/2014: The 2014 'Holiday Magic' CD Seeks Your Children's Song Or Story By August 29
7/16/2014 - Word Spreads About The VoiceOver Network In London - Events, Support, Contacts For Work, by Rachel Naylor
5/22/2014: Going to APAC & The Audie Awards Gala Next Week? Read Johnny Heller's Unofficial 'Guide' ...
1/14/2014: World-Voices Organization Is Growing With New Members, Projects & Spring Convention, by Dustin Ebaugh
1/7/2014: New Media Expo Report - Getting Hotter - Podcasting, Voice Overs, Blogging, Audiobooks In Digital New Media, by Dave Courvoisier
11/27/2013: Thank You For Your Giving To Others This Year
8/15/2013: Review - 'In A World' Is Incredibly Funny Film, True To The Voice Over Profession, by Heather Costa
8/14/2013: Children's Holiday Magic Project Seeks Songs & Stories For CD - By August 25
7/25/2013: ACX and Audible Seek Narrator For 'Ape - How To Publish A Book'
7/18/2013: Edge Studio Expands Exec Management Team; Graeme Spicer and Leanne Linsky In Top Spots
1/21/2013: KingdomVoices - New Online Casting Service Connects Voice Talent To Faith-Based Organizations
1/2/2013: Five Predictions For Voice Overs In 2013 - e-Learning, Rates, Social Media and More, by Dan Hurst
10/5/2012 - World-Voices 'Certifying Guild' Launches Membership Drive - First Aim: SAVOA
7/16/2012 - Pay: Voice 123 Reports Online Jobs Paying The Most Go To Children, Not Adults, by Steven Lowell
7/14/2012 - World-Voices.Org Is Moving Forward: Drafting Standards For Voice Over Industry
Top Voice Actors Share Wisdom In New Ebook; Learn From These Excerpts, by Doug Turkel
4/26/2012 - New Association 'World-Voices' Launches To Set Standards For Voice Over Quality And Skill
3/23/2012 - Audition For VOICE 2012 Promo - Winner Gets Free Pass - Deadline Sunday Midnight
2/20/2012 - VoiceBunny Hops Into Beta Testing; What Is It? What's It Mean For You? by Dave Courvoisier
1/18/2012 - Unions: AFTRA & SAG Sending Union Merger Agreement To Their Boards For Vote
SOPA: Stop Online Piracy! Or Not - Creatives Vs. Internet Giants On Proposed Law, by Dave Courvoisier
12/13/2011 - New CD, Song & Dance Make Holidays Magical For Kids In Hospitals
12/6/2011 - 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' - Voiced By 31 Pros For Children's Charity
9/21/2011 - Harlan Hogan's Porta-Booth Pro Studio Is A Finalist For Chicago Innovation Award
9/16/2011 - East-West Audio Body Shop TV Show Starts 2nd Season - Sunday Nights
Unions: AFTRA & SAG Start Formal Talks On Creating One Union
3/18/2011 - Home Studio Internet TV Show - EWABS - Debuts Sunday at 8 p.m. ET ... Call Dan & George
1/9/2011 - Reality TV Is Getting Two Voice Over Talent Shows, by John Florian
11/29/2010 - Scam Alert - 'Frank Mayfield' & Pals Are Still Scamming - Don't Cash Their Checks! by Bobbin Beam
9/30/2010 - THAT'S VOICEOVER! Was 'Over The Top' In Education, Fun & Career Inspiration, by John Florian
Technlogy: New Swashbuckling Tech Helps Voice Actors Get Biz & Clients To Find You, by Dave Courvoisier
9/1/2010 - September Is National Voice Over Appreciation Month - Spread The Word & Use As Marketing Tool
7/7/2010 - Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab Opens In A Grand Way, by George Whittam
VoiceJockeys & VO Attorney Negotiate New Contract On Track To Finish Line, by Robert Sciglimpaglia Jr. Offers Voice-Over Training Scholarship; Application Deadline Is April 30
4/9/2010 - Voice-Over Internet Use Survey Getting Great Response - Did You Receive It? by John Florian
2/6/2010 - Voice Actors Rush To Create These PSAs For Haiti Relief, by Pablo Hernandez
Technology: Synthetic Voice-Overs - 'Hal' Has Arrived, But Where's He Going? by Dave Courvoisier
9/29/09 - Bobbin Beam Leads Reader's Digest Podcast Team Reading For The Blind At AIRSLA
9/8/09 - 'Hear The Bill' Web Site Features Voice Actors Reading Proposed Health Care Reform Legislation
4/2/09 - AFTRA & SAG Reach Tentative Agreement With Ad Industry On New Commercials
Video Emails Hold Potential For More Voice-Over Work, As Goodmail Cures Bug & Virus Issues
12/31/08 - Report on the Voice Over Industry: 2009
12/5/08 - VO Biz Survey Report / Part 2: 172 Ways Voice Actors Are Coping With Today's Economic Challenges, by John Florian
12/2/08 - VO Biz Survey Report / Part 1: How's Business? Voice Actors Compare Job Volume & Income With A Year Ago, by John Florian
A Voice From the Past Reminds Voice Actor: 'Give Back' to Others, by Bob Jordan
10/28/08 - Voice Actor Survey: How's Business Lately? Help Spot What's Happening Today ...
9/13/08 - The Future of Voice-Overs: Need Will Grow; Tech & Biz Savvy Top Priorities, by Alex Torrenegra
6/13/08 - Debuts as Voice-Over Casting Site for e-Learning Project Firms
6/11/08 - "I Rock The MIC VO" Social Networking Site Gets New Name:
5/6/08 - New Social Networking Site Sizzles Online for Voice Actors: 'I Rock The Mic'
5/1/08 - Health Insurance Survey Report: Most Voice Actors Covered, But Worry ... 18% Have None, by John Florian
5/1/08 - Health Insurance Survey Report: You Said It: Today's Health Insurance 'Horrendous' ... And Other Comments, by John Florian
4/10/08 - Concerned About Health Insurance? VoiceOverXtra Conducts Survey
3/31/08 - AFTRA & SAG: So Much for Solidarity, by Bobbin Beam
3/31/08 - AFTRA's Weekend Bombshell: Cut Ties With SAG ... Picket Lines on the Horizon?
3/17/08 - What Influences Voice Seekers To Hire You Online? Surveys Clients
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