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Biz: Income / Fees
INCOME/RATES: P2P Voice Over Rates Are A 'Race To The Bottom.' What Can We Do About It? by Moose Warywoda
INCOME: Do You Have A Hard Time Saying NO To Voice Over Clients? If YES, Read This ... by Paul Strikwerda
INCOME: How About Getting Paid On Time For Your Voice Overs? These Billing Practices Work, by Paul Schmidt
INCOME: Voice Over Buyouts Are Not Always Bad. How To Figure What Types Are OK For You, by Tom Dheere
INCOME: Are You Giving Away Your Voice Over Services? Teach Clients What You Are Worth, by Paul Strikwerda
INCOME: Deadline Nears To Apply For SBA PPP Loan - Likely Forgiven & Single Employee (YOU!) Is OK, by Tom Dheere
Income: How Freelance Voice Actors Can Obtain COVID-19 Financial Assistance: Interview With VO-Attorney Rob Sciglimpaglia, by Tom Dheere
Income: Need Extra Income To Enrich Your Voice Over Career? 20 'Side Hustle' Ideas, by Kim Handysides.
Voice Over Income: Are You An Indendent Contractor Or Employee? California AB 5 - Basic Info For Voice Actors, by Peter J. Marx
Income: Here Are Four Voice Over Compensation Scenarios That Can Drive You Crazy, by Dave Courvoisier
Voice-Over Income: Gimme A Break: You Want The Corporate VO ASAP? For $30? by Rob Marley
Income: Voice-Over 'Wage Gap' Is Not Females-Only. 'Gut-Twisting Issue' Affects Your Bottom Line - VoiceOverXtra Reader Comments
Income: Female VoiceOver Talent Self-Inflict Their Wage Gap - A Client's Perspective, by Lynne Darlington
Tax Questions: Forms W9 And 1099, Determining Estimated Tax - And How Much $$$ To Set Aside: Q&A with Tom Dheere
Income: If You Hate To Negotiate Voice-Over Rates, Follow These 6 Tips On How To B.E.H.A.V.E., by Dan Hurst
INCOME: Are You Recording Voice-Overs Like A Business - Or Working For Free? by Tom Dheere
Income/Fees: Tell Voice-Over Clients Your 'Change Request Policy' Before You Start Recording, by Tom Dheere
Income: Voice Over Compensation: Everybody Talks About It, But What's The Solution For You? by Jim Conlan
Income: Bidding For Voice Over Jobs - A Race To The Bottom? by Dave Courvoisier
Income: When Your Voice Over Client Pays You 'PFH" - Per Finished Hour - What Do You REALLY Earn? by Gary Terzza
Rates: When The Client's Offer Is Lower Than Your Fair Voice Over Rate - What To Do? By Tom Dheere
Business: How To Revise Your Pricing, Policies And Procedures For The New Year, by Dana Detrick-Clark
Income/Fees: 2016 Is History - Yet The Year Ends With 'New Normals' For Voice Over Income, by Paul Strikwerda
Income/Fees: Offer Great Customer Service? Definitely. But Figure The Value Of Your Time For Fees And Clients, by J. Michael Collins
Income: What If You Accept A Voice Over Job, Then Realize You Quoted Too Low. What To Do? By Tom Dheere
Income: Would You Take This $1,500 Voice Over Job? Or Hold Out For More Money? by Dave Courvoisier
Income/Fees: You Don't Need An Accounting Degree To Act Like A Voice Over Business. Three Tips, by Tom Dheere
Income/Fees: When A Voice Over Job's Iffy 'Volume Discount' Kicks In, Should You Leave Money On The Table? by Tom Dheere
Fees: The Voice Over Rate Debate Continues - Seeing Common Sense And Hypocrisy, by Dave Courvoisier
2/2/2016: In New Poll Results, Full-Time Voice Actors Continue Trend Toward More Annual VO Income, by VoiceOverXtra
1/29/2016: Weekend Poll for FULL-TIME Voice Actors About 2015 Income
Fees: Should You Never, Ever Cut Your Fees? Well, I Did This Time. Here's Why, by Tom Dheere
10/22/2015 - Income: Full-Time Voice Actors Say They're Earning More Now; Part-Timers Mixed
Income: New Poll - Are You Earning More Money Now In Voice Over Than 12 Months Ago?
Fees: Savvy Business Idea For Your Canadian Clients - Offer Rates At Par With Canadian Dollar, by Rick Gordon
Fees: If Your Voice Over Rates Are Low, Is It Because You Lack Confidence? by Marc Scott
Income/Fees: Digital Transactions Incur Annoying Fees, But Are Convenient - Especially In-Person Card Apps, by Dave Courvoisier
Voice Over Pay: Yesterday, Today, And ... What's Ahead Tomorrow? by Bobbin Beam
Income/Fees: Another Way To Figure Broadcast And New Media Voice Over Rates - Consider The Context, by J. Michael Collins
Income/Fees: I Goofed - Quoted Radio Rate For TV Spot, And New Client Insisted On Paying More, by Rowell Gormon
Income: New Media Red Flags - Voice Overs On YouTube & Social Media Skirt 'Broadcast' Rates, by Dave Courvoisier
INCOME/FEES - PART 2: How To Draw A Line In The Sand For Pricing At Online Casting Sites, by J. Michael Collins
INCOME/FEES - PART 1: Why Online Casting Sites Are The Future Of Voice Over, But Low Rates Don't Have To Be, by J. Michael Collins
Rates: Why Insult With A Question About Client Budget? Ask For Job Specs, Then Quote Your Fee, by Jerry Reed
Income: Ask Voice Over Clients For The Fees You Want - You Just Might Get Them, by Debbie Grattan
Income: When Your Voice Over Client Makes A Mistake And Wants A Redo, What Do YOU Do? by Rob Marley
Income/Fees: How To Prevent Clients From Taking Control Of Your Time And Fees, by Gary Terzza
Taxes: Gather Year-End Tax Info NOW To Save Time & Maybe Some Money, By Bobbin Beam
Income: Warning Lights - What To Do When Clients Present You With Onerous Terms Or Copy, by Dan Hurst
Fees: Explaining To Voice Over Clients How You Charge What You're Worth, by Matt Forrest
Income: Female Voice Talents - Do Clients Ask You For Lower Fees? How To Educate Them, by Debbie Grattan
Income: How To Ask For A Raise When The Voice Over Budget Is Low, by Paul Strikwerda
Rates: Start The New Year With A Laugh: Your Potential Voice Over Client Wants To Pay You WHAT? by Dan Hurst and Andi Arndt
Income: Client Not Paying? Try 9 Ways To Collect & Protect Yourself, by Paul Strikwerda
Income: Client Not Paying - Whose Fault Is That? Look How You Manage Finances, by Paul Strikwerda
Fees: How Well Do You Negotiate Voice Over Fees? 10 Rules To Get What You Deserve, by Roger King
Business: Part 2 - Is Your Voice Over Business Profitable? Rates Should Reflect Your True Costs, by Bobbin Beam
Income: Doing Voice Overs For $5? Ugh. Lowball Pricing Is A Bad Dream, by Terry Daniel
Voice Over Rates: What Should A Newcomer Charge? Ask Yourself These Questions, by John Melley
Rates: Are Your Voice Over Rates Too Low? Maybe It's Your Own Fault, by John Melley
Fees: Why Not Charge What You're Worth? 10 Myths About Low Voice Over Fees, by Paul Strikwerda
Invoicing Guide: How, What & When To Professionally Bill Your Voice Over Clients, by Edge Studio
Rates: Getting Annoyed At Abusive Voice Seekers - But What's Really To Blame For It? by David Radtke
Ask Marc #4 - Do I Ask New Client For Deposit? Is Quality Of My Studio Audio OK? by Marc Cashman
Fees: How Much To Charge? Part 2 - After Booking The Job ... by Paul Strikwerda
Fees: How Much To Charge? First Ask Client These Questions - Part 1, by Paul Strikwerda
Business: 'Budget' Is Not A Curse Word - Ask Your Clients About Money, by Terry Daniel
Fees: Clients Seek Low-Ball Quotes? Respond With These Questions, by Terry Daniel
Pay: Lowballing Your Bids Hurts Everyone - Peanuts Vs. Prime Rib, by David Radtke
Income: The Power of Pricing - Define Your Worth, Costs and Competition, by Paul Strikwerda
Audiobook Pay: Narrator Revenue Sharing "A Bad Deal For Everyone' by James Adams
Pay: New Year, New Rates? The Time Might Be Right, by Amy Taylor
Voice Over Pay And Training Today ... Changing Times or Shifting Times? by Ken Maxon
Getting Paid: Beware Of These Red Flags & Wave Good-Bye When You See 'Em, by Susan Berkley
Cash Flow: Five Proven Ways To Improve Your Voice Over Income Stream, by Maxine Dunn
Setting Your Rates & Negotiating: The 'Secrets Of An Agent Man' by Roger King
Rates: The Wild, Wild West Of Quoting Your Price - 10 Classic Mistakes, by Paul Strikwerda
5/5/2010 - Rob Sciglimpaglia Already Negotiating With VoiceJockeys; Starts Exposť Blog
5/4/2010 - VoiceJockeys Will Change Contract; VO/Attorney Offers Pro Bono Help For Talent
Audiobooks: Recording Them Efficiently / Part 1 - Finished Hour Vs. Labor Hour, by John Pruden
Audiobook Fees: Part 1 / What To Bid? Research The Book & Estimate Your Time, by Paul Strikwerda
Audiobook Fees: Part 2 / What To Bid? The Rate Guides Pose Many Options, by Paul Strikwerda
The Voice Over Rate Card: Edge Studio's Guide To Fees, by David Goldberg
Fees For Voicing Games: AFTRA Sets Rates, But Pay Lags For VO, by Dave Courvoisier
Talk Money Right Away! And Other VO Client Lessons I've Learned, by Bob Souer
Setting Rates: Find the Home Run Zone & Educate Low-Ball Clients, by Ed Helvey
Invoicing: Adopt A Policy To Avoid Involuntary Pro Bono, By Nikki Saco
Pay: Make 2008 "The Year of the Spine," by Philip Banks
Pay: Ways To Get Paid For Your Voice-Over Work, by Peter Drew
Fees: Figuring What To Charge / Part 1, by James Alburger
Fees: Figuring What To Charge / Part 2, by James Alburger
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