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Job Markets
2009 Will Be A 'Bumper Crop' Year For Voice-Overs, by Pat Fraley
Audiobook Market Is Your Best Opportunity, by Pat Fraley
Audiobooks: The Art of Narration for Audiobooks - excerpt, by Bettye Zoller
Podcasting for Fun and Profit - A How-To Guide for Voice Actors, by Frank Frederick
Your Biggest Market For VO Jobs Today Is ..., By Bettye Zoller

Voice Acting
Alan Sklar - Aha Light Bulb: Authentic Me
Alan Sklar on Medical Narrations
Alan Sklar: Voice Acting Is Not A Competitive Sport
Audiobooks: How To Prepare Your Demo, From Slating to Choosing Excerpts, by Pat Fraley & Hillary Huber
Auditioning - The Root Canal of Voice-Overs, by Pat Fraley
Auditions: Walk In & Out With Confidence, by Deb Munro
Color Your Words - Feel What You're Saying! by Julie Williams
Helene Weinberg Celebrity Impressions Demo
How Quiet Can You Be, And Still Accomplish Author's Intent? By Pat Fraley
It's All About Characters - Make Them Believable For Client & Audience, by Deb Munro
Mimicking for Money - With ADR/Looping, by Pat Fraley
Pat Fraley - Mel Blanc's Baby
Pronunciations: Get Them Right, by Deb Munro
Talent Or Skill? Both Need Practice, by Julie Williams
The Dry, Flat Read: 'So Shocking That Everyone Will Sit Up And Take Notice,' by Bettye Zoller
The Morgan Freeman Mystique, by Dan Hurst
Vocal Health #10: It's A Wrap - Avoiding Vocal Health Hurts You In The Long Run
Vocal Health #1: How Voice Is Produced & How to Protect It, by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #2: What's a Hoarse Voice, Really? by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #3: Tension and Your Voice, by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #4: Watch the Way You Speak - And Do No Harm, by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #5 - Nasal Resonance No-No's, by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #6 - A Voice Survival Guide for the Holidays, by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #7: Phlegm - Where It Comes From & How to Get Rid Of It! by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #8: Gender Affects Speech Development & Health, by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #9: Seven Minutes Of Tips For A Healthy Voice, by Bettye Zoller

Agent Billy Serow: Show Your Strengths On Demo Right Away, on Erik & Ember Show
Bettye Zoller NOLA Volce Talent Seminar 2012
Career: To Reach The Next Level Faster, Just Say 'No' (More Often), By Kevin Delaney
Don Morrow trailer Voices of Vision Event - mp3
Marketing: Pat Fraley Gets Jobs By Having Fun At The Mic - Voicing For Free!
Schlepping For Work, by Deb Munro
Self-Evaluation: Critical for Every Stage of Your Voice-Over Career, by Connie Terwilliger
The To-Do List, Ken Budka
Voice Over Experts (Tuesdays), from
Voice Over LEGAL eBook - Forward by Pat Fraley
Voice Over LEGAL eBook - Publisher John Florian intro
Voice Over LEGAL eBook - Rob Sciglimpaglia intro
Voice Overs On Demand, by Terry Daniel & Trish Basanyi
VOX Talk (Thursdays), from
Want to Earn More? Keep Training! by Deb Munro

Home Studio
Bobbin Sound Test
Confined Space Soutions ... On A Budget! by Deb Munro
Home Studio: What to Buy? Know Your Goals & 'Don't Overthink It', by Dan Lenard
Mike Elmore's Ghostly Experience
Recording & Editing Software: How Complex? Beginners, Keep It Simple, by Dan Lenard & George Whittam
Sounds Odd #9: Jaw Pop

Chanti Productions 2009 Holiday mp3
Deb Munro, Holiday Greetings 2010
George Washington III, 'Go Where I Send Thee'
Natalie Stanfield Thomas - 'I Won't Cook For Christmas'
NEWS FLASH: Porky Pig & Friends Report on Los Angeles Earthquake!
Vanessa Hart Memory, by Alex Hyde-White
Vanessa Hart Memory, by Alex Hyde-White
VO Holiday Greetings 2011
Voice Over Virtual Scholarship Audition - Amy Warner
Voice Over Virtual Scholarship Audition - Dawn McKinley
Voice Over Virtual Scholarship Audition - Tina Wilson

Audiobooks: Pat Fraley's 'Billion $ Read,' reviewed by Julie Williams
Marketing: MJ Lallo's 'Marketing Yourself in Voice Over!', reviewed by Julie Williams
With Sean Daeley and Paul Stefano - check it out!
Inspiring interviews help your VO career
On Michael Langsner's Voice-Over Roadmap Podcast
Get your bi-weekly dose here ... all things VO!