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Marketing: MJ Lallo's
Marketing Yourself in Voice Over!
Duration: 2:05
Reviewed by Julie Williams
Julie WilliamsNeed marketing help? Here's a solution: attend a great class - in your own home! Via DVD.
MJ Lallo - a multi-talented voice actor, coach, director and producer based in the Los Angeles area - filmed one of her live marketing classes and the result is a valuable DVD: Marketing Yourself in Voice Over. It's got all the questions, answers and interactions you'd expect in a live class.
In this podcast, another voice talent and coach - Julie Williams - reviews Lallo's DVD.
You might have exceptional voice talent, Williams says, "but if you don't market yourself well, no one will hear you." She finds that the DVD gets you on the right track, with tips like "the 60-second pitch" when calling prospects, how to formulate goals, and negotiating fees.
The DVD will even "reveal things you didn't know you needed to know," says Williams.
Williams herself has helped hundreds of voice actors with her workshops and products. Through her web sites (below), you can sign up for her free V-Zine - a monthly voice-over magazine you'll receive via PDF - and also join forums.

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