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Vocal Health #9: Seven Minutes
Of Tips For A Healthy Voice
Duration: 7:00
Where did you first learn about the importance of vocal health - and what to do about it?
Unfortunately, such instruction tends to start later in life than it should, says voice talent and coach Bettye Zoller.
But in this highly informative seven-minute podcast, Zoller reviews crucial factors - from physical and emotional health to diet, hydration, medications, warm-up routines and ... hey! No throat clearing. Not ever!
This is number 9 in Zoller's podcast series on Vocal Health, available only at VoiceOverXtra. You'll also want to review these earlier podcasts:


The owner of VoicesVoices - a voice-over educational services firm and recording studio based in Dallas - Zoller is a voice-over and speech coach, acting coach, and university educator who also presents voice-over and studio singer workshops nationwide.
With over 30 years of experience, she is the recipient of Clio, ADDY, Golden Radio and Audie awards. She is also currently the Feagin Guest Artist Professor in the Theatre Division at Tulsa University.
Check Zoller's web site for updates about workshop locations and dates, and also for valuable voice-over instruction aids.
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