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Audiobooks: Pat Fraley's
Billion $ Read
Duration: 3:34
Reviewed by Julie Williams
Audiobooks are one of the fastest-growing sectors of voice-overs, and multi-talented Pat Fraley tells how to stake your claim in this business with the Billion $ Read - How to Make Money Reading and Recording Books. It's more than two hours of recorded info, demonstrations and interviews (on two CDs) and an accompanying 50-page workbook.
Based in Los Angeles, Fraley is the well-known voice talent, coach, producer and director who has created the voices of more than 4,000 characters. In fact, he's among the top 10 performers of all time to be cast in animated programs.
In this podcast, voice talent and coach Julie Williams reviews Fraley's CDs and workbook, sharing a number of audiobook tips along the way. It's a "thumbs-up" review from Julie and other voice actors who chime in.
The CDs and workbook tell how to get started in audiobooks, develop voice and character skills, prepare and research material, structure an audiobook demo, and much more. (To order, see below.)
One of Williams' favorite sections shares "a unique tried-and-true way to approach audiobook publishers."
Williams herself is a well known voice talent and coach, who has helped hundreds of voice actors with her workshops and products. Through her web sites (below), you can sign up for Julie's free V-Zine - a monthly voice-over magazine you'll receive via PDF - and join forums.
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