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Career: To Reach The Next Level
Faster, Just Say 'No' (More Often)
Duration: 7:00
Has your voice-over career hit a plateau? Like early on, every year was better and better. But now ... well ... you're stuck?
Voice talent and coach Kevin Delaney recognizes the problem and presents a solution in Reaching The Next Level, a new podcast he introduces on VoiceOverXtra.
"Things should always be getting better and better," he says. The goal is to consistently increase the caliber of your voice work, and for income to reflect it.
But in order to do that, you must first "relinquish the stuff that's weighing you down." In other words, learn to say "no" to work that's really not worth your time.
"You're a more valuable person than you were five years ago," says Delaney. So are you "exercising the right" to say no?
Delaney's case is convincing. And could well boost your career and income.
Based in Los Angeles, Kevin Delaney is a highly versatile character voice actor who teaches a popular recurring class, The Art of the Audition.
Delaney's web site home page links directly to scores of characters he voices for clients including Looney Tunes, Warner Home Video, Disney on Ice, Time Warner Cable, TV Land, The NFL Network, ESPN, and countless others.
In particular, check his one-minute mp3 of character voices.
Delaney also writes an entertaining and informative blog, The Voiceover Ninja.
Voiceover Ninja blog:
Your Daily Resource For Voice-Over Success
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