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Self-Evaluation: Critical for Every
Stage of Your Voice-Over Career
Duration: 3:35
Are you relatively new to voice-overs and wonder why you're not getting more work? Or are you a working pro who's ready to move to the next level of success?
Self-evaluation is a key to achieving your goals, says Connie Terwilliger, a veteran voice talent and teacher, in this podcast. In fact, it's a critical task to perform all the way through a voice-over career.
For instance, a self-evaluation of your talent will include types of voice work available today, and your best fit in the wide range of voice-over genres. "Discover your unique style that sets you apart from competitors," Terwilliger says.
Also important are reviews of your business, marketing and technical skills.
Terwilliger is a working voice talent and scriptwriter. She teaches voice acting and media performance classes at San Diego City College when she is not in her studio recording voice tracks for clients around the globe. She is also past president of the National Board of Directors of the Media Communications Association-International (MCA-I, 
This podcast is an introduction to Terwilliger's two-CD set, The Art and Science of Self-Evaluation: Do you have what it takes to make Big Money with your voice? Originally recorded during the VOICE 2007 conference, it comes with a 14-page Workbook, and can be ordered at the "VO Info" section of her web site.
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