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Auditioning - The Root
Canal of Voice-Overs
Duration: 7:25
"Auditioning is not that bad, but it is the root canal of voice-overs," says voice star and master trainer Pat Fraley in this entertaining podcast about how to win auditions.
Fraley is the creator of more than 4,000 character voices, and you'll hear a crew of them in this how-to lesson on audition techniques.
Fraley breaks down the process into three types:
  • auditioning from a home studio,
  • auditioning in an agent's recording booth, and
  • auditioning off-site for a casting director or producer.
Each type requires a different approach and technique, Fraley explains. For instance, home studio auditions require self-direction and choices, whereas an agent's recording booth has time limits and forces quick decisions.
Fraley advises to "continually hone your auditioning skills," and on Jan. 31, 2009 will lead a team of directors, voice actors and an agent in a unique workshop, The Audition Technique Master's Event. The full-day event is slated for Buzzy's Recording, 6900 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles.
"Get the auditioning techniques you need to get over the top - from the masters," says Fraley. The event's instructors are:
  • Jeff Howell, VP of production and director at World Wide Wadio,
  • Ginny McSwain, director and casting specialist for animation and interactive media,
  • Fred Tatsciore, "one of the workingest voices in Hollywood,"
  • Vanessa Marshall, versatile commercial and promo voice talent,
  • Pat Fraley, voice actor/trainer with 35 years of industry experience, and
  • Pat Brady, Co-Chair of the Animation department at CESD Talent, and rep for "first-rate" voice talent.
Tuition is $595 for the workshop, which is limited to just 12 participants.
For details about this event and the instructors, visit
To register and ask questions, you may contact Fraley at; 818-400-3733.
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