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Vocal Health #7: Phlegm - Where It
Comes From & How to Get Rid Of It
Duration: 3:20
Sorry to ask this, but ...
What's the color of your phlegm? And, how much of it is clogging your throat now?
Indeed, phlegm can be a major problem for voice actors, and knowing how to cope with an over-abundance of it is important to your health (and voice acting income).
International voice talent and coach Bettye Zoller details what you should know about phlegm in this podcast - including what's healthy and what's not. For starters, did you know that:
  • phlegm originates in your lungs, not in your nasal passages?
  • various colors indicate types of sickness?
  • you should never try to eliminate phlegm by taking a cough suppressant?
Cough it up! Listen and learn.

This is number 7 in Zoller's Vocal Health podcast series, available only at VoiceOverXtra. You'll also want to review earlier podcasts:


The owner of VoicesVoices - a voice-over educational services firm and recording studio based in Dallas - Zoller is a voice-over and speech coach, acting coach, and university educator who also presents voice-over and studio singer workshops nationwide. With over 30 years of experience, she is the recipient of Clio, ADDY, Golden Radio and Audie awards.

She is also currently the Feagin Guest Artist Professor in the Theatre Division at Tulsa University.
Her voice-over coaching schedule takes her to Germany and Austria in December. In January, Zoller hosts workshops in Dallas on Jan. 24 and 25, covering the Business of Voiceovers and Narration Techniques for TV, Film, Video and Audiobooks. In early February, she'll be teaching as a guest professor at a college in Lansing MI. And on Feb. 28, she hosts a Character Voices in Voiceover workshop at her Dallas studio.
Check the VoiceOverXtra Calendar and Zoller's web site for future details.
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