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Biz: Audiobooks
Audiobooks: What Do Your Audiobook Narration Sales Numbers Tell You About Your Career? by Tom Jordan
Audiobooks: Can A Rights Holder Buy Out Your ACX Royalty Share Or RS+ Contract? by Karen Commins
Audiobook Career, Part 2: Is Audiobook Narration The Right Fit For You? Five More Career Tips, by Tom Jordan
Audiobook Career Part 1: Is Audiobook Narration Right For You? 5 'Tough Love' Realities To Consider, by Tom Jordan
7/30/2019: Audiobook Publishers' Revenue Nears $1 Billion In 2018: "More People Are Listening Than Ever"
Audiobooks: How To Choose A Book To Narrate That Could Become A Money-Making Audiobook, by Bettye Zoller
2/9/2016: Audiobooks - Stop, Thief! My Audiobooks Were Copied And Posted On YouTube! What To Do, by Tracy Elman
Audiobook Narrators - How To Tweet Your Way To More Jobs And Audiobook Sales, by Sean Pratt
Audiobooks: Three Ways To Innovate Your Services To Earn More As An Audiobook Narrator, by Dana Detrick-Clark
9/10/2015: Audiobook Narrators Survey Report 5: From 'Slave Labor' To 'My Passion And Love,' Audiobook Narrators Rant And Rave In Final Report, by John Florian and Jim Conlan
9/8/2015: In Wednesday Report: Audiobook Narrators Tell What's Good & Bad About The Business, by VoiceOverXtra
6/18/2015 - Audiobook Narrators Survey Report 4: Breaking Into The Majors - How Narrators Get Work From Major Audiobook Publishers, by James Conlan
6/16/2015 - Audiobook Narrators Survey 2015 - Comments to Question 14: How Satisfied Are You With Earnings?
6/16/2015 - Audiobook Narrators Survey Report 3: Are Audiobook Narrators Satisfied With Pay? 60% Say NO - Especially About Royalty Share, by John Florian and James Conlan
Audiobooks: SHOULD You Be An Audiobook Narrator? If So, How Will You Define Success? APAC Interviews by Tom Dheere
5/26/2015: New Audiobook Narrators Survey Reports Begin Next Week - First, APAC & The Audies!
5/21/2015 - Audiobook Narrators Survey Report 2: Analysis - The Surge In Audiobook Titles, Home Studio And Compensation Methods Keep Income Lower, by James Conlan
5/21/2015 - Audiobook Narrators Survey Report 2: Here's What Audiobook Narrators Earn, And Their Methods Of Compensation, by John Florian
5/20/2015 - Audiobook Narrators Survey Report 1: Beyond The Numbers - Analyzing Data And Commenting On The Comments, by James Conlan
5/20/2015 - Audiobook Narrators Survey Report 1: Respondents Tell Their Levels Of Experience, What And How They Narrate, by John Florian
Audiobooks: For A Good First Impression Wtih Audiobook Producers, Share Your Audible 'Customer Rating' - by Karen Commins
1/12/2015: Audiobook Narrators Business Survey - 2015. If You Narrate, Let's Learn More About Our Industry!
Audiobooks: ACX Cuts Audiobook Narrator Royalty Income By 20%. What To Do Now? by David Lawrence XVII
Audiobooks: How To Publish Your Own Public Domain Audiobooks, by Karen Commins
Audiobooks: Competition Grows For Narration Jobs, But Remember 'We All Have Skin' by Bettye Zoller
4/30/2012 - Audiobook Narrators: Prepare 'Performance Dialogue' To Schmooze With Publishers At APAC, by Paul Ruben
3/19/2012 - Promote Audiobooks In A Video For APA Contest Cash Prizes
APA Audiobook Biz Survey: Publishing Doubles In Past 3 Years, Sales Increase, Downloads Gain
Audiobooks: Not Getting Work Thru ACX? Eight Possible Reasons Why, by Jeffrey Kafer
Audiobooks: Authentic Acting On Demo Is 'Square 1" To Getting Hired, by Bettye Zoller
Audiobooks: How Many Hours To Produce A 'Finished' Hour? by Xavier Paul
Audiobook Narrators: Q&A With Audible's ACX Chief, Jason Ojalvo, by Dave Courvoisier
Auditioning For Audiobook Gigs: ACX's Promise, Potential & Process, by Andy Bowyer
5/13/2011 - Audible's New ACX System Lets You Audition For Audiobooks & Share $$$, by Dave Courvoisier
10/29/2010 - Audio Publishers Survey: Your Listeners Are Affluent; Some Performances Are 'Better Than Print'
Audiobooks: Adapting To Digital Age With Price Wars & Multi-Media Options, by James Adams
Audiobook Sales Grow 4.7% in 2009, Says APA; Fiction & Unabridged Categories Lead
Audiobooks: 5 Tips For Approaching Producers (& NYC Workshop with Johnny Heller May 1)
Audiobook Marketing: No One Is Going To Do It For You - Case History, Part 1, by John Pruden
Audiobook Marketing: No One Is Going To Do It For You - Case History, Part 2, by John Pruden
Audiobook Checklist: Save Time, Money & Stress By Knowing This, by Deb Munro
Audiobooks: How To Create A Demo That Shows Off Your Narration Skills, by Scott Brick
Audiobook Narration Tips: Q&A With Pros Grover Gardner & Scott Brick, By Anthony Goff
Audiobooks: Can You Meet the Demands of this Tough Niche? by Anthony Goff
9/16/08 - Audiobooks: Americans Are 'All Ears' As Sales Surpass $1 Billion, Says APA
Audiobooks: If You Want to Be An Audiobook Narrator, Here's How to Start, by Michele Cobb
Podcasting for Fun and Profit - A How-To Guide for Voice Actors, by Frank Frederick
Audiobooks: Growing Market Is Great News For Voice Talent, by Pat Fraley
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