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Voice: Audiobooks
AUDIOBOOKS: What You Need To Start An Audiobook Narration Career (Not Just A 'Nice Voice'), by James Romick
AUDIOBOOKS: For Audiobook Narration Newcomers - How To Find And Approach Auditions To Book The Gigs, by Noah DeBiase
Audiobook Narrator: Here's How To Prep The Book Before You Record (DIY Or Outsource), by Ann Richardson
Audiobooks: Check This Checklist Of What To Confirm Before You Begin Narrating An Audiobook, by Tom Dheere
Audiobooks: Keeping Track Of Your Audiobook Recording Time And Finished Hours - With A Spreadsheet, by Mike Lenz
Audiobook Demos: Part 2 - More Tips For Creating Great Audiobook Narration Demos - No XXX, Read The Book, Showcase Your Best, by Dawn Harvey
Audiobook Demos: Part 1 - How To Pick Your Audiobook Demo Materials - And Some Other Good Demo Stuff, Too, by Dawn Harvey
Voice Acting: Dear Audiobook Listener: Don't Feel Badly. Narrators Have To Look Up Pronunciations Of Those Unfamiliar, Odd-Sounding Words. (Here's How), by Ann Richardson
Audiobooks: A 'Shorter' Audiobook Narration Does Not Necessarily Mean Less Prep Time, by Tom Dheere
Audiobooks: If You Start Crying, Don't Stop Narrating! And More Tips From BookCon Panel, by Tom Dheere
Audiobooks: How To Mark Up An Audiobook Script - It's NOT The 'Regular Voice Over World' by Dawn Harvey
Audiobook Narrator: Do Listeners Find You InterestING or InterestED? They'll Hear The Difference, by Jim Conlan
Audiobooks: Five Lessons You Learn When Narrating Non-Fiction Audiobooks, by Randye Kaye
Audiobooks: Part 2 - How To Prepare Your Non-Fiction Audiobook For Recording - Search The Middle & Micro, by Sean Pratt
Audiobooks: Part 1 - How To Prepare Your Non-Fiction Audiobook For Recording - Start At The Macro Level, by Sean Pratt
Audiobooks: Be Honest - Are Your Non-Fiction Narrations Deadly Boring? Give Them A TED (Pep) Talk, by Sean Pratt
Audiobook Narrator: Does It Make Sense For You To Outsource Proofing, Correcting & Packaging? by Tim Danko
Audiobooks: Part 2 - Three More Audiobook Publishers/Producers Reveal What They Seek When Casting Narrators, by Tom Dheere
Audiobooks: Part 1 - Six Audiobook Publishers/Producers Reveal What They Seek When Casting Narrators, by Tom Dheere
Nonfiction Audiobook Narration: w/r/t $ - Say What? Guidelines For Dealing With Acronyms, Abbreviations and Letters/Symbols, by Sean Pratt
Audiobooks: Your Cure For Deadly Dull Non-Fiction Narrations: Flow With These Four 'Voices' by Sean Pratt
Audiobooks: Why Aren't There More Dual-Gender Narrations In Audiobooks?( Hint: $$$), by Karen Commins
Audiobooks: Romance Narrators Ilyana Kadushin And Carrington MacDuffie Explore The Genre's Allure And Challenges
Audiobooks: Voicing Audiobook Characters Is More Than Voice - Start With Personalities, by Jim Conlan
Audiobooks: Just The Facts - A Storyteller's Guide To Narrating Nonfiction, by Paul Ruben
Audiobooks: A Revealing Interview With YOU - Your Script's Co-Director - For Actable Directions, by Paul Ruben
Audiobooks: Narrator - As You Prep, Let The Text Speak To You With Actable Clues, Like This ... by Paul Ruben
Audiobooks: For Confident Storytelling, Prepping Is A Must. But What To Prep? by Paul Ruben
Audiobooks: If An Author Had Just One Wish For The Book's Narrator ... by Paul Ruben
Audiobooks: As Narrator, Should You Seduce The Listener - Or Satisfy Author? by Paul Ruben
Audiobooks: Portraying Lots Of Characters? Pull A 'Fast One' - Keep It Simple, by Andy Bowyer
Audiobook Narrator: Get To Know Characters With This Simple Method, by John McLain
Audiobooks Dialogue: How To Talk Real In Fiction & Non-Fiction, Part 2, by Paul Ruben
Audiobooks: When You're The Narrator, Who Are You, Really? By Vanessa Hart
Audiobook Narration Dialogue - Part 1, Fiction - Inside the Quotation Marks and Out, by Paul Ruben
Audiobooks: 15 Minutes Of Free Audiobook Instruction From Pat Fraley - 'The Formula For Getting Work'
Audiobooks: Kick The Modulation Habit To Become A Better Narrator, by Paul Ruben
Audiobooks: Pronunciation Research - How It's Done & A 'Ghostly' Example, by Alan Sklar
Audiobooks: Storyteller Is The Medium & The Messenger (May 1-2 Workshop in Chicago), by Paul Ruben
Audiobooks: How To Keep Track Of All Your Character Voices! by John Pruden
Audiobooks: Casting The Perfect Voice Is A 'Measured' Leap Of Faith, by Paul Ruben
9/29/09 - Audiobooks: Traits & Habits Of An In-Demand Audiobook Narrator: Alan Sklar
Audiobooks: Audie Award Nominees Share Insights On Narration Challenges, by Pat Fraley
Audiobooks: 'Listening Makes Perfect' to Master the Subtleties of Narration, by Michele Cobb
Audiobooks: 'But I Am the Poor Sap Who Has to Say All These Obscure Words Out Loud!' by Scott Brick
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