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Voice: Health
Your Emotional Health: Riding Waves, by Lisa Rice
HEALTH: After All These Years In Voice Over, Do I Still Experience Anxiety? Yes. By Tom Dheere
Health: Feeling Stressed Today? Deadlines, Competition - It All Adds Up. Until You Learn How To Cope, by Paul Strikwerda
Vocal Heath: Stop Clearing Your Throat! Here's The Safe Way For Voice Actors To Stop & Purge Phlegm, by Carl Bishop
Health: COVID-19 - Is Wearing (Or Not Wearing) A Mask Political For You? Or About Personal Rights? How About Human Decency!! By Dan Hurst
Vocal Health: Part 2 - Trapped In Negative, Self-Limiting Thoughts? How To Remove Them, For The Life You Want - Today! by Emily Maguire
Vocal Health: Part 1 - What's Blocking You From Performing Voice Over At Your Best? Learn And Move Forward, by Emily Maguire
Vocal Health: Is Your Voice Suffering From Today's Stress? Here's Advice for Calming Down, by Ann Utterback
COVID-19 Lockdown: Scared, Angry, Sad. Yet Happy, Safe, Grateful. It's 'A Masterclass In Emotional Sobriety' by Rachel Fulginiti
4/24/2020: Voice Actor-Speech Therapist Hellen Moes Helping Coronavirus Patients To Swallow And Speak Again, by Paul Strikwerda
4/18/2020: Voice Actor Jolanda Bayens Returns To Nursing In The Coronavirus Crisis: 'My Heart Breaks For My Patients' by Paul Strikwerda
Health: Do You Really Want To Disobey Voice Over's 'Nurse Ratched'? 10 Ways To Stay Coronavirus-Free, by Rosie Goodman
3/13/2020: Health - Is The Coronavirus Stealing Our Kinship? Five Ways We Can Still Connect In Person, by Randye Kaye
Vocal Health: TV News Correspondents Share Tips For Long Hours Of Voicing Under Pressure, by Ann Utterback
Vocal Health: Home SICK For The Holidays? No Way! 10 Stress-Busters For A Healthy Voice, by Ann Utterback
Vocal Health: Breath Is The Energy For Speech. How Exercise Will Boost That Energy, by Ann Utterback
Health: Three Ways To De-Stress The Hectic Holidays - For Your Health And Creativity, By Ann Utterback
Voice Acting: How To Keep Your Jaw Happy (Yes, Happy), For Best Articulation, by Ann Utterback
Vocal Health: 10 Ways To Sleep Better - Because Sleep Is A Priority For Voice-Over Success, by Natasha Marchewka
Vocal Health: Beware Frozen Pipes This Winter - And Don't Care About Your Hair! by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health: Silence! For A Better Voice, Stop Talking! Two Crucial Times To Rest Your Voice, by Ann Utterback
Health: Give Your Mind A Break This Summer - Two Ways To Goof Off In Brief Escapes, by Ann Utterback
Health: How To Survive A Marathon At The Microphone - Prioritize, Plan, Pace Yourself, by Ann Utterback
Vocal Health: Ahhh Choo! Don't Flu Around With Vocal Health. Common Sense Reminders, by Dave Courvoisier
Vocal Health: Flying High For The Holidays? Protect Your Voice In The Air, by Ann Utterback
Health: This Summer's Vacation, I Said 'No' To The Smart Phone. And Disconnecting Was Liberating, Refreshing, by Rick Lance
Health: 10 Tips For Staying Healthy And Sounding Great This Summer, by Ann Utterback
Health: Sleep, Sleeeeeep. Need Help? How To Get The Rest You Need To Perform Your Best, by Ann Utterback
Vocal Health: Are You Frying Your Voice This Summer? 10 Tips Help You Stay - And Sound - Cool, by Ann Utterback
Vocal Health: Headed For Surgery? Ask Anesthesiologist About A 'Laryngeal Mask Airway' To Protect Your Throat, by Dale Leopold
Vocal Health: If You Can't Stand Up When Voicing, Here's The Best Posture For Sitting, by Ann Utterback
Vocal Health: How To Avoid & Cope With The Voice Actors' Fearful 'L' Word - Laryngitis, by Bobbin Beam
Vocal Health: 'Midlife Crisis - My Voice Has Changed!' Here's What's Happening (And Stop Yelling), by Ann Utterback
Vocal Health: Before Voicing - WARM UP Your Voice. After Voicing - WARM DOWN. Here's How, by Dory Rigopoulos Kafoure
Vocal Health: 10 Ways To Prevent Harming Your Voice - Including When To See Your Doctor, by Dory Rigopoulos Kafoure
Voice Acting: Shhhhh - Moments Of Silence Will Clear Your Mind, And Give Your Throat A Rest, by Ann Utterback
Vocal Health: The Perfect Vocal Winter Warmup: Steam, Hot Tea And A Cold Read, by Rob Marley
Voice Health: Cold, Sweaty, Stressed, Heart Pumping Fast? It Affects Your Voice! Six Tips, by Carmi Levy
Health - Ahh-Choo! Is Your Studio Sneezing? 10 Tips For Keeping It Healthy In Cold & Flu Season, by J. Christopher Dunn
Voice Health: Don't Slouch! Posture Affects Your Voice: Body Erect & Shoulders Relaxed, by Ann Utterback
Health: "Just One More Audition And Then I'll Go To The Gym" - Is That YOU? by Amy Taylor-Fernandez
Health: How Do You Handle Stress? Create A Voice Over Character! by Deb Munro
Vocal Health: Do You Get Enough Sleep? 5 Tips To Help You Relax & Refresh, by Ann Utterback
Is Your Throat Hoarse Today? The Cause Might Be Gastric Reflux - What To Do, by Ann Utterback, Ph.D
Vocal Health - 10 Tips For Summer, by Ann Utterback
Voice Health: Suffer From Nasality? Drop Your Jaw And Aim Voice, by Ann Utterback
Health: Exhausted? You've Got Voice Over Fatigue. Feel Better Fast With These 12 Steps, by Dave Courvoisier
Voice: If Your Voice Sounds Like 'Bacon Frying' (Vocal Fry): How To Get Rid Of The Rasp, by Ann S. Utterback
Health - Beware: Sitting Is 'The New Smoking' - GET UP To Add Years To Your Life, by Ann Utterback
12/10/2012: 10 Holiday Stress Busters - Apply Daily To Keep Body And Voice In Shape, by Ann S. Utterback
Health: What You Eat Is How You Sound - Tips For A Healthy Voice Over Diet, by Elley-Ray Hennessy
Health: Exercise Is Not Just For A Flat Stomach - Give Your Mood And Voice A Lift, by Ann Utterback, Ph.D
Health: Feel Trapped On The Work Treadmill? Unwind. Be In The Moment. Here's How ... by Paul Strikwerda
Vocal Health - Part 3: Scope Out Your Problems ... Need Surgery? Finding Doctors ... Beware Side Effects, by Elizabeth Holmes
Vocal Health - Part 2: First Step To A Cure - Admit You Have A Problem. What Mary Found ... by Elizabeth Holmes
Vocal Health - Part 1: Two Lumps In My Father's Throat Led To This Quick Course In Vocal Health, by Elizabeth Holmes
Seriously, What's Your Vocal Health IQ? Maybe Surprise Yourself With This Quiz
Health: Good-Bye French Fries - Healthy Diet = Health Voice And Healthy Attitude, by Terry Daniel
Vocal Health - Better Not Shout - Tellin' You Why - Holiday Season Can Damage Voice, by Bettye Zoller
Health: Ahhh-Choo! How To Avoid Getting A Job-Killer Cold, by Mike Harrison
Newcomer: Protect Your Voice - Your Most Important Equipment, by Ann S. Utterback, Ph.D
Feeling Tired And Drowsy? Eat Right For Vocal Energy, by Ann S. Utterback, Ph.D.
Voice Acting: Warning - A Tense Body Creates A Tense Voice ... How To Relax, by Ann S. Utterback, Ph.D.
Vocal Health #10: It's A Wrap - Avoiding Issues Will Hurt You In The Long Run, by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #9: Seven Minutes Of Tips For A Healthy Voice, by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #8: Gender Affects Speech Development & Health, by Bettye Zoller
Voice Health: Take Better Care Every Day! Tips I've Learned Over The Years, by Randy Thomas
Vocal Health #7: Phlegm - Where It Comes From & How to Get Rid Of It! by Bettye Zoller
Asset Protection: Care for Your Voice to Get the Most from It! by Kim Snyder
Vocal Health #6: A Voice Survival Guide for the Holidays, by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #5: Nasal Resonance No-No's - Problems That Alter Your Voice, by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #4: Watch How Your Speak - And Do No Harm, by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #3: Tension & Your Voice ... Relax To Avoid Damage, by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #2: What's A Hoarse Voice, Really? by Bettye Zoller
Vocal Health #1: How Voice Is Produced & How To Protect It, by Bettye Zoller
Wash Your Hands Before Returning to the Mic ... & Other Cold Stoppers, by Peter Drew
Laugh Off Your Stress ... Seriously! You Can't Laugh and Still Be Tense, by Zig Ziglar
Protect Your Partyin' Throat on New Year's Eve! By Susan Berkley
Voice Exercises: Breathing, For Endurance and to Calm Anxiety, by Connie Terwilliger
Taking Care of Your Voice, by Peter Drew
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