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News: Humor
12/22/2016: Here's 23 Minutes Of Voice Over Humor And Good Wishes, In The 2016 Voice Talent Holiday Greeting, from Terry Daniel
12/21/2016: Dear Santa - In Hopes To Assist, Gifts For Voice Actors On Your List, by Lea Gulino
Humor (Video): Leaf Blowers Are The Scourge Of Voice Over, Shouts - Rather, SINGS - Joe Thomas
Video Humor: The Client Demands More Sex NOW! (In The Voice) ... And You're Gonna Laugh
Humor: Voice Recognition Technology - Gives Us A Laugh, If Not A Lift
Humor: What's The Strangest Voice Over Request You've Received? Here's A Doozey, by Tom Dheere
Humor: 10 Things Voice Over Directors Say - And What They REALLY Mean, by Billy James
Humor: 10 Classic Voice Over Clips You Were Never Supposed To Hear, by Billy James
Humor: "I Won't Cook On Christmas" - Reality Parody of Classic Song, by Natalie Stanfield Thomas
3/29/2011 - Aflac Duck Meets Rowell Gormon In 'Very Last Audition Of All' Video
Hilarious 'Animal Voice Overs' Video From BBC one ...
Home Studio: ISDN: Verizon Calls This Customer SERVICE? That's A Big Laugh ... by Mike Harrison
3/24/09 - 'Davey Gravy' and 'Potluck Pollak' Win Honors in 'Ridiculous Branding Contest'
3/10/09 - Laugh Break: Voice Actor Rosemary Watson Hassles "The Donald" In New Bailout Spoof
New! Excalibur CB8001 Virtura-con Voice Recording System, by Tom Edwards
12/16/08 - Santa Tightens His Belt This Christmas (But He Sounds A Bit Like Pat Fraley)
11/5/08 - But Who Won the OTHER Election? The Best VO Political Impersonators Are ...
9/19/08 - Politics, Schmolitics - Let's Have Fun! Voice Your Political Impersonation ...
4/10/08 - BBC News Reader "Hit By Giggling Fit" - And It's Contagious!
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