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Biz: Fraud, Scams & Creeps
An Old Scam Targeting Voice Over Coaches Resurfaces: Delete Email From 'Carolyn Bernard' - by John Florian
Rip Off! How To Protect Yourself From Voice Over Clients Who'll Try To Cheat You Out Of Pay, by Sean Ahern
Website Security: Ransomware, Viruses, Dark Web - How To Protect Your Voice-Over Website From Attack, by Cathy Sirvatka
12/13/2017: How A Voice Over Scam Begins: Got This Email Today From 'Rob Kelly'
Scam Season Drags On: How To Use Your Best Protection (Your Brain), by Armin Hierstetter
Scams: This Fishy Old Scam Lures You To A Voice Over Job - Don't Bite! by John Wray
Ethics in the Voice Over Industry, Part 2 - Coaches, Demos, Agents & Online Casting, by Paul Strikwerda
Ethics In The Voice Over Industry, Part 1 - As We Grow, So Do The Problems, by Paul Strikwerda
Malware: So I Turned On The Mic, Started Recording - And Nothing. No Sound. What's Going On? by Tom Dheere
Logo Rip-Off: When Someone 'Adapts' Your Work As Their Own, What To Do? by John Florian
Scams: How To Protect Yourself From Voice Over Scammers - 6 Red Flags & Research Tips, by Dave Courvoisier
Scams: Beware The 'Jump Media' Guy Who's Really Not From Google, by Kirsty Gillmore
Scams: What's Your Password? Nevermind - Crooks & Kids Can Find It Easy Enough, by Dave Courvoisier
Scam! Run, Don't Walk From These Predators, by Marc Cashman
'Become A Voice Actor - No Experience Required!' (Beware Internet Scams), by David Radtke
@Scams - Part 2: Voice123 and ... Detecting Job Scams and Scammers, by John Florian
@Scams - Part 1: What Are Online Casting Services Doing To Protect You? by John Florian
7/22/2010 - Scam Update: Suspended 'Con Artist' Account, by Scott Lumley
7/21/2010 - Scam Alert #2: 'Frank Mayfield' Email Seems Legit, But DELETE Or Frame It, by John Florian
7/21/2010 - Scam Alert: 'Oops, We Sent You An Overpayment. Please Refund ...' by John Florian
Rebuttal: Newspapers for the Blind ... 'This Is Newspapercasting' For A Charity, by Mark Finfrock
Scams: Beware Of William May - Or Whatever Name He Posts For Auditions Now, by Paul Strikwerda
Scams: Protect Your Time & VO Income By Investigating Lead Sources, by Stephanie Ciccarelli
Scams: To Social Networking Butterflies - Beware The Hidden Spider's Web, by Greg Houser
3/4/09 - Scam Alerts: Oops, They Sent You The Wrong Check ... And Are Hacking Your PayPal Account
11/28/08 - Snuff Scam? Canadian VO/Actor Plays Victim In Scary Scene; Director Charged With Murder
11/17/08 - Female Voice-Over Talent Beware: 'Audio Play' & Sneeze Sleaze Scams, by Bobbin Beam
10/5/07 - Fraud Alert: Beware These Red Flags Of Voice-Over Scams, by Deb Munro
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