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Biz: AI - Artificial Intelligence
AI: Don't Commit Career Suicide In AI: How To Keep Control Of Your Cloned Voice, by Robert J. Sciglimpaglia
12/15/2021: The Final Act - Bev Standing's TikTok Lawsuit Ends With Voice Over Lessons Learned And A Gift, by John Florian
CAREER: We're Losing Voice Over eLearning Jobs To Artificial Intelligence Voices. What Should We Do About That? by Christi Bowen
5/20/2021: Voice Over Community Rallies To Support Bev Standing's TikTok Lawsuit. GoFundMe Raising Thousands For Legal Defense
5/10/2021: Voice Actor Bev Standing Sues TikTok For Unauthorized Use Of Her Text-to-Speech Voice, by John Florian
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