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1/3/2024: Are Libraries Buying The Audiobooks You Narrate? Here's What Influences The Decision ...
6/15/2023: Audiobook Publishers Turn Up Sales Volume To $1.8 Billion In 2022
6/7/2022: Sci Fi & Fantasy Titles Top Audiobook Categories Published in 2021 - A Year Of Double Digit Growth
6/1/2021: Audiobook New Titles Soar 39% in 2020; Listeners Tell Their Favorite Genres, in New Audio Publishers Association Reports
6/22/2020 - Audiobook Sales Zoom To $1.2 BILLION In 2019 With More Than 60,000 New Titles
6/2/2019: For Lifetime Achievement: AudioFile Magazine Names 5 New 'Golden Voice' Audiobook Narrators
4/24/2019: Audiobook Listening Continues Spectacular Rise, Aided By Ease To Listen In Cars And On Phones
6/21/2018: In Double-Digit Climb, Audiobook Sales Jump 23% To Over $2.5 Billion In 2017
6/7/2017: Audiobook Unit Sales Soar 33% in 2016 To $2.1 Billion; Smartphones Power Up
5/23/2016: Audiobook Sales Jumped Over 20% In 2015, And More Than 35,500 Titles Were Published
7/14/2015: Audiobooks - Nearly 26,000 Audiobook Titles Published in 2014; Rapid Expansion Pushes Sales To $1.47 Billion
6/12/2015 - Audiobooks: Who Buys Audiobooks - And Why? New Audio Publishers Survey Reports Consumer Behavior
4/14/2015: Audiobooks: Five 'Audiobook Of The Year' Finalists Announced; Winners To Be Named At Audie Awards® Gala May 28
10/8/2014: Explosive Growth In Audiobook Titles Brings Estimated $1.3 Billion Sales In 2013
11/22/2013: 2012 Audiobook Sales Post Double-Digit Growth, Dominated By Digital Downloads
6/6/2013: APAC & AUDIES GALA: 'Feeling A Part Of Something Truly Special,' by Tom Dheere
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