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Biz: Copyrights
Copyrights: Register Your Original Works With Copyrights & Trademarks To Stop Thieves & Collect Damages, by Robert Sciglimpaglia Jr.
2/5/2016: Copyrights - Why YouTube Takes Down Your Demo, Leaves Up Pirated Content - And What You Can Do About It, by David H. Lawrence XVII
Copyrights: Watch Out What You Do With Copies Of The Spots You Voice, by Jennifer Vaughn
1/12/2013: Check If Your Demo Music Is Licensed - New TuneSat Service Tracks Internet Plays, by Robert J. Sciglimpaglia Jr
Copyrights: Beware The Trap In 'Free' Music Downloads: How To Avoid Copyright Infringement, by Brian Nimens
6/28/2012 - Update: FreePlay Music Seeking $2,500 To 'Settle' Demo Music Copyright Infringement, by Robert J. Sciglimpaglia Jr.
Copyrights: Reel 'Em In To Your Demos, by Robert Sciglimpaglia
Copyrights: Will Your Demo Get You Sued? by Robert Sciglimpaglia Jr.
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