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Biz: Job Markets
Job Markets: Versioning & Motion Capture Tech Expand Work For Voice Talent. What's Happening, by Mike Zirinsky
Job Markets: Part 2 - Where To Find Voice Over Character Work With Indie Games Developers, by Tamara Ryan
Job Markets: Part 1 - The Rapidly Growing Indie Video Games Biz Is Ideal Market For Your Character Voices, by Tamara Ryan
2/22/2017: Facebook Starts Posting Jobs - Check Back For Voice Over - And Challenges YouTube, by Dave Courvoisier
2/21/2017: 41 'Frozen' Elsa's in 41 Different Languages: Voice Over Re-Recordings Are Big Busines, by Lewis Adelphi
Business: Voice Overs And Virtual Reality - Many Genres Ahead - Prepare Now! by Dave Courvoisier
E-Learning: Demand Grows For Voices With Jobs In How-To Videos, Corporate Needs & More, by Rick Gordon
Job Markets: Japan - Quit My Radio Job, Moved To Japan ... How Voice Overs Are Done There, by Mark Weitzman
6/12/09 - Promos: Stay Tuned To An Evolving Voice-Over Niche On Network TV
What Happened To All The Commercial Work? What This Means For You Now, by Jim Conlan
Interview: Rick Gordon/ Part 1 - Commercial & Explosive Growth of E-Learning, by John Florian
Interview: Rick Gordon/ Part 2 - 'Don't Squeeze Your Clients' & "Set Terms Up Front,' by John Florian
Bettye Zoller's 10-City European Tour Finds Voice-Over Market Expanding, by Bettye Zoller
12/31/08 - 2009 Will Be A 'Bumper Crop' Year For Voice-Overs, by Pat Fraley
Interview: Nick Ivanov, CEO at Graffitti Studio - International Voice-Over Opportunities, by John Florian
Voice Talent: Where Does Your Voice Fit Best In Today's Marketplace? by Connie Terwilliger
Political Ads (and Others): Should You Voice What You Don't Believe? by James Alburger
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