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Biz: Contracts
CONTRACTS: Voice Over Newcomers - Think Like A Lawyer To Protect Yourself Before Signing Contracts, by Adam Weissman
Contracts: What To Do When The Voice Over Audition Arrives With A Not-To-Ignore NDA, by Dave Courvoisier
Contracts: The Production Company's Contract Protects THEM, Not You. Here's What You Should Negotiate, by Robert J. Sciglimpaglia Jr
Income/Fees: Are You Being Cheated From Income For Voice Overs That Wind Up On TV? Advice from VO/Atty. Robert Sciglimpaglia
Contracts: A Letter Of Agreement For EVERY Job Is Good Biz Sense, by Lisa Rice
Contracts: Sample Letter Of Agreement For Your Voice Over Jobs, by Lisa Rice
Contracts & Pay: Voice Actor / Attorney Fumes At Online Casting Company's Contract - Is This The Future? by Rob Sciglimpaglia Jr.
Contracts: Big Job or Small Job, Get the Details In Writing! by Atty. Robert J. Sciglimpaglia Jr.
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